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s v
What happens with accu-check test strips expire?
my dad's test strips expired and he still used it. i was wondering if it would give a false reading.

You will not get an accurate reading. It is best to throw those out and get some new testing strips.

they are not suppose to work right i am not sure if they are if they are expired.

The Wizard.
It is not advisable to use expired or old strips.They can give false readings. To be sure why don't you type in Roche Diagnostics? I'm sure they will have a web site in the states.With Diabetes it's always best to make certain.

Girl From Mars
Theres the risk of an inaccurate reading. Typical parents of a certain generation, they just don't beleive in experation dates.

I don`t know for how long it has been expired, but i`ve tried more than once to use exired strips &amazingly it worked BUT u`ve to be careful if u depend on it to give him the medication or not.

Karen K
If your dad's strips have expired, don't take any chances. Throw them things away now! Yes they can give false readings. Get him to get some new ones so that his readings will stay accurate.

plushy_bear JPA
If they just expired, he's probably still OK, although he might want to check it with a control solution. I would get new strips, though.
Also, Accu-chek (of course!) says: What happens if I use expired test strips?
Using test strips that are expired can cause your blood test results to be inaccurate. If your test strips have expired, throw them away and begin using a new vial of strips that are not expired.

yes, the numbers can be wrong

It could give an inaccurate reading.
A more important question is why is your dad out of strips?
If it's money, there is help for that.
Go to needymeds.com

Like everything on the market--Shelf life. Product breakdown occurs: chemicals/additives dry up, separation, etc...
Yes it can give a false reading, so buy your Dad new test strips. Double check the expiration before purchase.

NEVER use Diabetes products that are expired. That goes for test strips, insulin, anything.

I use the Accu-Chek Compact with the drums full of test strips. Technically, you are supposed to use control solution before starting each new drum. At this point in my life, I don't do that. However, if the meter is dropped, I most certainly would use the control solution to make sure the meter is still able to read my levels correctly. I do not use expired test strips. Actually, I have never had test strips that expired.

If you are having difficulty paying for your test strips, call the company that sells them; they may know a way to help you. Also, call the ADA (American Diabetes Association) for assistance.

What about your dad's insulin? Is he taking what he needs? If there are financial problems with Diabetes medicines, try calling these numbers for help:

Rx Help

Together Rx Access

The Medicine Program

I know how incredibly expensive the medications & supplies cost to treat Diabetes. However, it is absolutely necessary for your dad to get the proper care he needs. If he doesn't, the complications he will end up with can cost far more, in more ways than one.

If your dad is using insulin, make sure he throws the bottle away after it expires. Many types of insulin need to be kept in the fridge, and some don't. I take 2 types of insulin; one is kept at room temperature, and one is kept in the fridge. Both of them, however, must be thrown out 28 days after they are opened, even if they are not finished.

I was surprised to find out how many people with Diabetes didn't know about control solution (if their meters used it). You can buy control solution solution anywhere they sell Diabetes supplies. There are 2 types of control solutions for Accu-Chek: one to test the high range of numbers and one to test the low range of numbers. Now that my numbers are stable, I only get the one for low ranges.

I hope the numbers I gave you are helpful.

Good luck.

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