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is is safe for a type 2 diabetic to get fake fingernails?...

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I can feel fine then all of the sudden I feel lightheaded and kind of dizzy. And I all of the sudden know i need to eat something. Could that be diabetes?
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Ummmm Just ...

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Hi im Cybil.Im grade 5 please help me!im stumped!...

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 Why would a panic attack lower my blood sugar?
Had one once that did that when I had a panic/flashback type attack from a time I once had taken too much insulin....

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I failed the 1 hour by 3 points. The cut off is 140, and I got a 143.
I was just wondering, during the 3 hour test, I only went about 10 steps between the lab, and the waiting room chair. Back ...

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I am a Type II Diabetic, doing Fasting Blood Glucose test about 10 hours from now. I have been fasting since two hours ago. Do I take my regular dose of insulin tonight even though I am not having ...

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don't like poking myself with that damn diabetic pin....

 Could some tell me scientifically why foot cares are so important for those with diabetes?

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People with blood sugar problems are supposed to eat low carb foods. But are whole grain carbs safe or safer than refined carbs?...

 What are two good reasons why schools should NOT sell junk food?
reasons OTHER THAN any chronic diseases such as obesity,cardiovascular disease, diabetes,and dental ...

 My dad just had hip surgery and was in rehab. they said his blood sugar was six. is it possible to recover?

 Rapid heartbeat, hot flashes, high blood sugar? HELP!!!!!?
I have had 2 episodes today fro the first time. I started feeling hot all over Like I was on fire, my heart started beating really fast (153 per minute) and hubby told me to check my sugar and it was ...

 Diet sheets for diabetes type 2?

 Lucozade energy glucose tables?
1) how long do they take to take effect?
2) do they speed up your reaction times?...

 Diabeties, thyroid..??? PLEASE PLEASE HELP??
hi im jenita im 15....and im going for a blood test next week sometime ....but im worried and would rather be ready for what i may have wrong with me........ about 9 months ago i fainted...and lately ...

 Is there a sugar free candy that is similar to the Butterfinger?

What happens when blood sugar level drops to 0?
This pertains to diabetes.

When your blood sugar is 0, look forward to all your relatives and loved ones coming together to say how sorry they are and how stupid you were to not care for your diabetes.
May he rest in Peace.

A zero blood glucose level is not life sustaining ie You'd be dead before you reached zero!;

That would never happen..... People start going into shock when their blood sugar drops below 70 . . usually comatose state around 40, and then death.

You'll have first been in a diabetic coma and then die.

Ryan's mom
Someone would be dead before they got to that level. When they get to 20-30 people can go into a coma

Mr. Peachy®
You die. Plain and simple. You get really sick if it gets below 50 or so, too. BTW... that's pretty much impossible.

Karen M
You would definately be dead at 0 however, everyone is different when it comes to low blood sugar. I am Type 1 and have gone as low 32 and not passed out and was able to test myself, barely mind you but I did and was able to ingest sugar to bring it up. So there is no set number that one reaches that would put them in a coma.

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