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 Blood sugar level?
this morning before breakfast my blood sugar level was 2.9
after breakfast and a drink about an hour later it was 4.3 is this normal, i used my dads monitor as i was concerned about myself, i ...

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the bathroom has nothing to do about me not being able to sleep, but latly i need to go to the bathroom alot and sometimes i cant hold it anymore...this never used to happen before.

and ...

 Can someone get diabetes by eating only fruit, and no processed sugars?
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 Is diabetes hereditry?
my dad is a diabetic pateint ,and the sickness strated 4yaers after i was born. so please i will like to know if it is ...

 Need help with my seizures !?!?!?!?
ok i have epilepcy and i get at least from 3 to 4 seizures a day they told me that there was a soposed diet that can lower the amount of seizures that you have is that true if so what is it ????? ...

 I'm a type2 diabetic; but i don't want to accept disease, is that bad?
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ive just been diagnosed as a diabetic, want to know what are the safest alcholic drinks that i can ...

 I am a team captain for a Diabetes Walk. I need a clever and unique team name. Any suggestions?

 Just curious to see how many ppl that are on here have type 1 diabetes. Im 16 and was diagnosed when i was 6:)

 What happens to a person when injected with insulin if they are not diabetic?

 Best way to avoid getting diabetes?
Diabetes runs in my family. I don't have it quite yet, however, a few months ago I did have pre-diabetic symptoms (fatigue, and that's about it.) So I took a blood test, and was VERY ...

 Can a diabetic have watermelon?

 Could this be diabetes??
my mum has had pain in her kidneys ,back,shoulders,groin!!
thought it was a kidney infection but it is not as she has had her wee tested!!
she is also feeling exhausted and a little ...

 What would happen if a person was on a insulin pump and was still eating sugar?

 What are some early warning signs of diabetes?

 How do you know if you have diabites ?

Additional Details
im scared cus i only drink water and i dont always drink water and i have bad eye sight but .
but its because i stay on the computer alot and i watch tv alot ...

 Sugar level of 1000..??
What can happen when your sugar level goes as high as 1000? My boyfriends mom was admitted to the hospital today and that's what the nurse told them, and his sister told us that she didn't ...

What happens when a diabetic wont take his medicine or insulin?

Additional Details
it isnt me, i have someone close to me that gets it into his head he dont want his meds..he gets very gouchy at these times

Aldo 78522
then its their choice, which can cost them their life.

The consequences are always bleak if sugar control is not tight. But you cannot make someone do something they are not willing to do. You can advise and then leave them alone.

I'm thinking they might go into a diabetic coma had have a seizure.

My husband does this. He won't take his insulin and so his blood sugar goes way high. Then He starts losing weight, being thirsty all the time, gets "fuzzy headed" (not good judgment) then gets dehydrated. When he gets too dehydrated he will pass out when he tries to stand up. Then we have to call ambulance to come get him and take him to hosp/ER to get IV's. He's on insulin.

His blood sugar will be high then he will go into a comma and if he doesn't treated he will die

Neil L
And, I might add that you loose fingers, toes, limbs, sight, kidney function, and have other major organ failure (including the heart) along with the associated suffering. In my opinion it's a form of suicide.

liver failure, blindness loss of extremeties, sterility if a male, unconsciousness, death

lauren d
They can get a low blood sugar and then they'll get an insulin reaction which then can result in seizures or eventually death.

dances with unicorns
If he is fully insulin dependent, then refusing to take his medication means that he will ultimately go into ketoacidosis, and die. Insulin is necessary for our body cells to use the glucose that we create by breaking down the foods we eat. If it can't get into the cells to nourish the cells, then the cells have no means to function. The body will do its best to call on any reserves it has, but ultimately, a person who cannot make his own insulin must either take insulin by injection, insulin pump, or similar means, or he will die.

This is NOT an insulin reaction, by the way; that is when you have too *much* insulin, and the blood sugar drops because it has all been used. It can occur when a person takes too much insulin, doesn't eat enough after taking insulin, or deals with stress in the form of unexpected exercise, illness, or emotional stress.

Terry Z
The next step is diabetic coma. The risky thing about that is there are alot of side symptoms that come with that: possible blindness, more medicines or insulin to take, gange green, oh so many things. Also, the biggy you might not come out of the coma.

Yarina L
death,so don't try

Nonketotic hyperosmolar coma.
In other words, the symptoms start out with drinking and peeing a lot. The sugar goes very high. The complications include accelerated kidney disease, heart and blood vessel disease, blindness, and increased infections with possible amputations as feet start to get gangrene. Of course, getting a sugar so high that you get hyperosmolar and get really sick and have to go to the hospital is also a problem. Now this is for a type II diabetic. An insulin dependent diabetic will die without the insulin as they go into diabetic ketoacidosis. Not a pretty picture!

They can have adverse consequences - such as blindness, kidney failure, gangrene leading to limb amputation, strokes, blindness, coma and death. Sorry to be so blunt. I have had family with brittle Type I and Type II diabetics. I have seen all of the above and it isn't pretty.

They need psychological counseling. Diabetes is not a death sentence. It can be managed. But it takes the patient an enormous amount of committment. It is a constant battle and it does not go away. It isn't always easy. Diabetics need support from their family and understanding. Please talk to them and get help. This won't go away. The above effects can happen over time or sometimes very suddenly. Some people resent the disease and turn their backs on it, thinking it will go away. Others simply deny it. Still others just give up. Depression is very common.

It is good that they have someone so concerned ( like you). I really urge you to talk to them, try to get them to get help. Diabetic counseling is much more than the nuts and bolts of testing, vigilance and nutritional counseling - it really needs to contain psych counseling as well.

Good luck!

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