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What happens to Lantus insulin if it's not refrigerated.?

Kiki S
it will crystalize and become unusable. you have to keep it refrigerated!

it will be in trash

Any insulin that isn't kept in the fridge goes bad after a month or two. I find that the longer it is out of the refrigerator the less effective it is at lowering my blood sugars. Your body will seem resistant to your normal dosage but the problem really lies in a weakened insulin. I think the formula of lantus is even more delicate than some of the others and should always stay in the fridge. Make sure yours isn't turned up too high, I've had mine in a mini fridge before and it turned to ice. Had to throw it out after that.

if lantus becomes cloudy it becomes no good. but the truth is once the vial is opened it can be kept at room temp for 28 days if you have any doubt ask your pharmacist

George D
It has a tendicy to lose it's 24 hour effect.

If you want CHANGE cash a dollar
Nothing. I have used lantus since the month it came out and bring it everywhere along with my Humalog right in my purse. Trust me, if you are comfortable with the temperature in the room/outdoors, so is your lantus. I have NEVER kept it in the fridge after opening, and it has ALWAYS worked.

Absolutely nothing. We keep our insulin in the fridge until its opened, then it just stay's in a dish on the bench. Like most medications its recommended to keep below 30C. That said, if you have large temperature variations where you live, the fridge's not a bad idea to keep it constant.

Your lantus will be fine out in the open as long as the temps in the room are between 45 degrees and 89 degrees, after opening the vial. Read the paper that comes in the box with the insulin vial!!!!

Keep it in the fridge until it is opened, then as long as you live in air conditioned atmosphere, your lantus will be fine at normal room temperatures.

I do not put mine in the fridge during winter. It is fine on the cabinet.

If it gets too hot, it will then crystalize and maybe change color. If it freezes it will not work at all!!!

Maria W
It should be ok if it's not refrigerated right away, but check to see that it's still clear. If you see any cloudiness, then you should not use it as it has been spoiled. Are you talking about a long time not refrigerated? I know I have left a new prescription on my dining room table overnight with no bad effects. If in doubt, call your pharmacy. They will be able to give you a professional answer! Good Luck!

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