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 Diabetes type 2?
Could someone please tell us the significance of type 2 diabetes
blood sugar level 6....

 Any doctors out there? Diabetes question.?
Many of my family members have diabetes; and I'm afraid I might have it too.
I have a few of the symptoms, like excessive thirst, tiredness, etc.
I'm getting tested, but I was ...

 Glucose tolerance test?
I had a glucose tolerance test this moring . The nurse gave me a blood test as soon as i went in to the hospital.Then she said wait 40 mins and i will see whether you need the drink .Well i was ...

 What kind of healthy snacks can i take to work?
I have been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pursuer and I am now on medication. Everything that I usually snack on at work I will have to stop eating. I know yogurt and granola is good, but ...

 How can I tell if my daughter has blood sugar problems or is anemic?
She has a small appetite and talks about being dizzy often. Could it be something else? Yeh, I know, you're not doctors. Just asking for opinions, not diagnoses.
Additional Details

 Can someone who is diabetic donate blood?
>>>>>>i'm curious need to ...

 Neuropothy in the feet?
of the feet,ow to control it?...

 Why shouldn't diabetics go about barefoot?
I keep hearing that people with diabetes should "never" go barefoot, but always wear comfortable socks and shoes. However, I never hear anyone explain why! If the patient does not have ...

 Gluten free and wheat free diet?
can you help me are they the same?
gluten free and wheat free ...

 Is 250 a normal blood gloucose EVER for someone without diabetes?
I had two gloucose home tests done after eating and they were both over 250. Is that normal Ever for a nondiabetic? After eating and waiting a few hours it was at 148. I also did a morning fast and ...

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 What vitamins are recommended for diabetic people?

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 Why are diabetics not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages?

 Shoudl I be worried and how often should I test?
I'm a 50 yr old male, 253.5 lbs 5'9 my BMI is 31 [weight and BMI were first thing this am before eating]
My fasting [12 hours Blood sugar at the dr office was 115] I got ...

 Is it possible to cure high blood sugar problem using diet & exercise only, and avoiding medicines?
I'm 38 years old, Male, Govt. EDP Staff. My Fasting Blood sugar on 10/6/08 is 187, and randomg BS is 231. I want to avoid taking medicines. Instead using diet and exercise only, i want to ...

 Does caffeine make sugar coma worse?
I mean sugar coma because of eating a lot of carbs....

 Can insulin pumps tell your?
I'm just wondering if Blood sugar monitors can constantly figure out blood sugar levels or if they can check it ...

 Do glucose monitors show how low your blood sugar is?
Because I did a fasting test on mine, which is Assure 3, and it only said "LO". It didn't show any numbers. Was it that low that it didn't show? Btw, I ate some sweets after that. ...

What happens if your not a diabetic and get injected with insulin?

Insulin shock, could go into coma, or be killed.

They would probably end up having a low sugar attack as they would have way too much insulin in their body. This could really cause problems and if they are non-diabetic, then people around them probably also would not know what to do to help them.

keep in mind :

too much insulin (shock)
too much sugar (coma)

either one can be fatal

that depends on the dose, a non-diabetic injected with insulin risks insulin shock, which can be fatal.

I was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but if you do get extra insulin, your blood sugar might drop. It depends on how much you are injected with.

Actually, you do NOT get a sugar rush. Just the opposite -- your blood sugar can get dangerously low (diabetic hypoglycemia) and you can go into a coma.

We actually had this incident at the summer camp for children with diabetes, when one of the campers injected his insulin into the non-diabetic counselor. It was a rather touch-and-go incident, as she kept suffering drops in her glucose levels (hypoglycemia), and was constantly drinking orange juice and eating simple carbs and complex carbs to try and keep her levels up. Forgive the pun, but it's quite a shock to the systme when added insulin from an injection is introduced into a metabolism that is functioning and adjusting to intake of glucose, as the body cannot readily compensate for the sudden infusion of foreign insulin.

Hypoglycemia=rapid pulse. shallow breathing,cold damp skin, faint or unconscious, head ace confo
usion trembling stagering . feed them sugar and see a doctor.

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