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 I feel tired all the time, short of breath, tingling in fingers, I am a diabetic. What is wrong with me?

 How do you cope with diabetes?
My friend has diabetes and is finding some days hard to cope with, i wonderd if you had any tips?
or any websites?
or anything that could help ?
Thank you ...

 Is there any ingection available for diabetes patient as a one time cure?
i am 64 years young & living with this sweet heart called diabetes?...

 What is the difference between open heart surgery and bye pass surgery? which one is most suited ?
What is the difference between open heart surgery and bye pass surgery? And which one is more suited for diabetic patients?...

 Besides insulin and metaformin 500ml for diabetic? are their any medications off counter that can be bought?

 I am seriously scared? Low Blood Sugar?
I found at I have low blood sugar today, I am 13 years old!
I don't know if it's serious or anything but I'm scared because people say you can die from it?!!? And I don't ...

 Why don't people realize there is an big difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
Not just in the way it develops, but in the way it's treated. And it's not just those two. There is type 1, type 2, gestational ... and that's just diabetes MELLITUS! There's ...

 Is it a good sign or bad sign?
i urinate 10 times in a day is that bad....................

 Who does Diabetes affect the most???????????
Ex: Woman v.s. Men, young, old, babies,kids,and ethnic groups.
Plzz bu sure....

 My blood sugar level has been hovering around 500 for several days, should I expect to die soon?
Just waiting for the inevitable to happen.
Additional Details
Seeing a doctor is not as easy as it sounds, I can't get insurance due to perviously existing condition.


 What kinds of food do you eat if you are diabetic?
Because I am diabetic & I eat a lot of junk food!...

 My sister is in the hospital, again!! Her diabetes is out of control !?
She has had several episodes, this one the worse where her sugar jumped from 373 to 513 and didn;t go down for 4 hours, at the hospital they admitted her and gave fluid, cat scan shows brain swelling ...

 What would happen if you have diabetes and don't ever get it treated?

 Which is the role of insullin in the human body ?
and which is the substance which is doing the opposite?...

 My blood sugar has elevated to 660 today, this is the first time in years. i forgot what i am suppose to do?

 Diabetes testing?
I don't know much about diabetes and the internet sites don't really answer my question: Is there anyway I can test for diabetes without going to the doctor?...

 Diabetes Q?
I think i maight have diabetes, i am always thirsty (hence peeing a lot), always tired no matter how long i slept the night before and my vision is terrible. Type 1 runs in the family but i reckon it ...

 Is it possible to have diabties and not know it?
If I am tierd all the time exhausted, and weak... and have fainted and work... is it possible to develop diabeties and not know it?
Additional Details
I am not overweight, I am thin. I ...

 Is insulin is harmful for diabetic?
Because i am taking insulin for the past 5 months.No improvement in my sugar level.So what can i do?I am consulting many doctors but no use.My health going very weak....

 So I just found out someone I've been dating for about a month has type 1 diabetes...? How to be supportive?
I'm really into her and things are going really great! It's just that I know diabetes is pretty serious... It hasn't really affected our relationship at all but I want to be sensitive.....

What happens if dont take medication for diabetes?
I have no insurance i have type 2 diabetes and i am not under a doctors care and i have no medication what will happen to me

You could die.
Or get complications and wish you were dead.
Get help,(free clinic, etc) diabetes can be fatal, but it also can be managed (needles are a must for type 2, sorry)

First of all, Type 2 Diabetes is non-insulin dependant, so you won't be taking insulin. Chances are, if you're not controlling it by monitoring and adjusting your diet, you're on some kind of pill, such as Toronto or another name. What you have to worry about is your blood sugar getting too low. The general thought is that between 4.0 and 8.0 mmol/L, your blood sugar level is good. This is just a figure to help health care workers though. Many people function and many different levels. If you aren't taking your pills though, you're blood sugar could drop to dangerously low levels. It could be as minor as having a shaky feeling and some nausea, to something as serious as losing consciousness. Many people when their blood sugars drop too low will become altered (not themselves) may become violent, or extremely confused and forgetful. May not remember how they got to where they are and things like that. Diabetes is a medical condition that should be taken very seriously. On the reverse hand, if you are taking pills to lower your blood sugar as they are too high (which would require insulin) and you aren't taking these, your blood sugar can sky rocket...also not a good thing. When this happens a person can go into what is called Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which is essentially that your body has become acidodic of ketones. To combat this, your body will breathe these ketones out, producing a fruity smell of your breath. You can also become altered when blood sugars are high, appearing drunk, confused and eventually losing consciousness.

Overall, if you were prescribed a medication to control your Type 2 Non-Insulin Dependant diabetes, you should take those pills, as it is important for your health. .

Firstly if your are in the early stages of type 2 diabetes it is easy to manage it by diet. Be very careful with your sugar intake, drink plenty of fluids every day, sleep at least 8 hours a night and don't get too stressed. I have done this for 16 years and I don't take medication, the whole trick is to keep your weight down and you control the diabetes. The 2 biggest dangers are weight and fat, a non fat diet will help. Your body does not need excessive fat intake.


One of two things could happen, neither one is good. Your sugar level will climb and you will go into a diabetic coma and possibly die or your sugar can crash and you will become hypoglycemic and possible acidotic.

Watch your diet as type 2 is controlled that way. Uncontrolled blood sugar is like shards of glass in your blood stream that is bad for your vessels, kidneys and eyes. Uncontrolled blood sugars are also bad for your brain and have been indicated in some premature dementias.

Your blood sugar could spiral out of control. and you could suffer a series of very serious complications, amongst others.

1-) Blindness
2-) Kidney failure
3-) Amputations
4-) Heart attack
5-) Stroke etc.

So Diabetes especially type II is easily controled with proper nutrition, exercise and the medice prescribe by your doctor.
Please take it seriouly. Is is much easier to keep it under control that to threat the above described complications.

A long exposure to high glucose levels in blood stream can adversely affect the working of organs such as the retina, kidney, heart, liver etc...

if you are keen on being off medicine, practice yoga regularly and monitor your urine and blood sugar levels periodically.

Here are some of the things to look forward to.

Kidney failure
Heart disease
Amputation of toes, fingers, feet, hands

You can try to treat it yourself by eating right and exercising. That may or may not help.

go seek help at a free clinic
Diabetes isn't anything to be playing with.
The worse that can happen is you can go into a diabetic coma and die! Your cholesterol will rise your blood pressure will rise you can lose limbs..
Please visit a local health clinic, I'm sure they can help you.
In the mean time watch what you eat and try to monitor your blood glucose

I don't have a answer to your question, yes I do. Come to Canada, every person in this country has insurance.
The USA can send all those men to fight a war that will never end, they send men to the moon I'm sure there going else where, I'm not well informed with the space program, all the money that is spent on these two things and the citizens of the USA can"t go to the Doctor with a serious medical problem, but the rich won't die they have insurance, they can see a Doctor. What's the matter here.

I'm sorry I see pain and suffering I react, Please sir whoever you are, I'm sorry I can't help you.But I will pray that when you ALL go to vote you vote for the right guy this tine around. God bless.
I'm sorry you are very much a lady


check this site.

You could pass away.

I wanted to post to let you know you're not alone. I am in the same situation. The company I work for is checking into offerring health insurance and I pray daily that they do. I try very hard to control my blood sugars and they still run high. As people are saying, without controlling your blood sugars, you face blindness, infections, kidney and liver problems, loss of limbs, and eventually death.

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