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 How to pass the gestational diabetes test?
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 Should he switch doctors?
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 Can I still take medication that is past the expiration date?

 Diabetes?! please help!!!?
OKay i asked a question on here and i got the suggjestion of diabetes .. ALOT! this REALLY scares me so for a
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 What is the best way to get rid of diabetes?

 What kind of snacks should a pre-diabetic have?
my mom's fiance has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. nutritionists have told him that he should be eating three snacks a day but he was not sure what kind of snacks would be suitable. they claim ...

 What are the home remedies/herbal to bring down blood sugur down?
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 How can iget diabetes medications without insurance?

 I have type 1 diabetes and I am struggling with my blood sugars, what is something i can d help control them?
they run like in the 200-400's help please....

 Diabetes blood sugar question....confused.?
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 Why can astronauts go to the moon? Why can scientist perform heart transplant, but no can cure diabetes?

 Diabetes test result is 15 is this good or bad?
This is after fasting for 12 hours and getting tested in the AM. The lab flagged it saying it was borderline. My dr isn't worried and isn't dooing nothing about it. I've almost passed ...

 Can diabetes be diagnosed by a.....?
simple blood test...say at a walk in clinic
Additional Details
Do they have to be looking for diabetes or would it just stand out kind of?...

What foods can a person with diabetes eat?
My girlfriend has been gaining a lot of weight and doesn't know how to lose it, she has diabetes and the only thing i can think of having her eat is regular flavor oatmeal. What else is out there???

anything sugar free diabetics can eat. there is alot of sugar free stuff out there. as for the loosing weight, i find it easier to watch your calorie and saturated fat intake and excercise. you need to excercize more than 20 min. to start burning calories. just if she is diabetic make sure she doesn't over do it. make sure if she gets lightheaded have something like a small piece of chocolate or glass of orange juice to boost her sugar level.

drink diasip..u can only buy that in drug store.

unsalted crackers

Tim R
Avoid sugar and high amounts of carbohydrates. Eat balanced meals with whole grain carbs at regular times. Losing weight helps control diabetes.

Is she type one or two?
Type 2 needs to eat healthy I know, but Type 1 can eat pretty much w/e... just give yourself medicine according to whatever you eat
Tell her to ask her doctor!

she needs to ask her doctor that as the doctor will advise her what to do. I would watch the sugar with diabetes.

abuela Nany
To avoid:
Carbohydrates and fatty foods...
Carbohydrates are in all cereals... wheat, oats, rye, corn, etc. The only flour that is not really bad is Soy flour, if she must eat bread, have a minimum portion of Soy bread (75% less carbohydrates than wheat)... also pulses: beans of all sorts (red, black, white, lima, etc.), chickpeas, lentils, peas, and starchy foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta.
On the contrary, vegetables are good... The best ones for diabetics are zucchini, aubergines (eggplant), Celery, all cabbages (both red and white), bean sprouts, onions, endives, spinach, mushrooms, cucumbers,... and fruit (but not to an excess). Avoid dried fruit such as nuts, figs and dates.
As to meats, all are ok, but the least fatty ones are best: fowl of all kinds, turkey, chicken, duck (skinless) and even ostrich meat (if you can find it!).
Fish of all kinds, trout, salmon, bass, anchovies (fresh not salted), sardines, mackerel, and all white fish.
Avoid butter, mayonnaise, etc.
And definitely no candies, pastries, buns, cookies, cakes, etc.
Alcoholic beverages are to be avoided also, they are not too high in carbohydrates, but they overload the liver, which is bad for diabetics.

OK - if she is diabetic, and she has type 2, the best way for her to lose weight is to exercise. she has to do cardio for it to work. get a treadmill, and she should walk fast or jog on it for a half hour to an hour every day. If she is going to eat veggies, that's great. she should avoid potatoes and corn. Fruit should be limited and avoid grapes and apples. bananas are great, but too many of those and she might have a hard time going to the bathroom. she needs to eat plenty of protien, but i don't recomend peanut butter. it is full of bad fat (lard) and not enough protien. I would recomend a lot of meats (not bacon and sausage) and few carbs. She has to eat plenty, cutting out the amount of food will not make a diabetic lose weight. It will just make her sick, and weak. A lot of insuline dependant diabetics have a very hard time losing weight, becuase they cannot go on normal diets. please stop giving her so much oatmeal. yeah, it is good for her, but she won't be able to poop if that is all she eats (sorry but it's true). she doesn't need juice or milk, drink water. Oh, and don't even bother with diet sodas. Stay away from anything that bubbles (carbonated anything). all of the the artificial colorings and flavorings in diet sodas are terrible for diabetics. Any healthy person should limit their intake of sodas because all they do is bloat you. Remember that just because a label says "sugar free" does not mean that it is ok for a diabetic person to chow down on tons of it. Carbs turn into sugars in our bodies. Oh yeah, and be very careful when eating foods that are labeled sugar free. they may contain sugar alcohol. eating a lot of sugar free foods such as candy and snacks can cause some serious digestive situations. she may not be able to leave the bathroom for quite a while if she loads up on sugar free stuff. the sweetener that is used in those can give a person some serious diarhea. Eat meats and green veggies. Eat some breads, because your body does need some natural sugar intake so you don't go into a diabetic coma. eat some fruit, just not as much as you do veggies. walk every afternoon, or dance in front of the tv, or something for at least 30 minutes. good luck!!

Veggies. Try to avoid potates and pasta (starches) and anything with processed sugars, obviously.

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