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 I've just found out that i might have diabetes please help.?
I just come from my doctors as I have been having symptoms of diabetes being very thirsty and urinating alot, I had gestational diabetes when Iwas pregnant but it went away. But now its been 9 months ...

 Can the drug glipizide and insulin be taken together to lower your sugar?
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 What can this be?
I am thirsty all the time (really dry mouth). I am tired a lot, especially around 2-3 o clock in the afternoon even though I sleep about 9-10 hours a night. I also have to pee a lot, especially after ...

 Blood sugar?
Over the past few month iv had some symtoms of low blood sugar so the other day i took my sugar....cuse my moms a diabetic and it was 74...Is that ...

 Just tested my blood sugar and..?
...it was 86, is that good?
Additional Details
Is it too low?...

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 My diabetic father bruised his leg?
my diabetic father bruised his leg 1 week ago. It now has spread pretty darn wide 4 in? and he cant put all his weight on his leg. He doesn't want to go the the Dr . any advice as to what this ...

 Okay please reply . can you be obece and not have diabities.?
please send me ...

 What would be a glucose reading for someone with hypoglcemia?
assuming they were feeling low, what number is considered low.
Additional Details
okay for the first person, my glucose meter is giving me numbers between 1-10 it doesn't go that ...

What does it mean if you have low protein levels?
i need all the information that anyone can give m that would be a big help thank you

My daughter had protein level problems in her urine. This was Thyroid Diease.
Please ask your doctor about this because Thyroid,and diabetes can be related.

it means eat more meat

your not eating enough protein.

eat more meat or if a vegatarian, eat peanuts.

that should bring the levels up.

Homeless people have alot of that problem because of diet. Just an example no offense to anyone, anywhere! If you have it try more legumes in your diet, especially soybean products. On a scale of 1-100 red meat is an 18, soybean are an 80.

The protein usually measured is Albumin. This is the major protein in the blood. It is not from a lack of diet, it is manufactured by the liver. Low levels can be caused by a number of things like liver disease, kidney disease causing loss in urine, or even loss through the gut. Usually a person with low levels will notice edema. The cure is to get to the root cause.

I need more information. Low normal protein levels in the urine mean your kidney function is good, and you are not spilling protein into your urine.

Low protein levels in the blood mean the opposite, and that you are leaking valuable protein into your urine. This is not good.

There are also other conditions that can affect this test. Can you give us more info?

Are you anemic ?

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