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What are the best type of food for a diabetic patient?

Avoid sweet and oily stuffs. Like desserts and blehh.
Best type --> Rice, fish, veg, soup, fruits. But no apple, it's like so sweet. No papaya .. alot of them. I recommend just orange and pear.

Foods with a low glycemic index. You can easily get a list of these kinds of foods by doing an internet search for Glycemic Index, but basically it involves eating things that are low in sugar (including naturally occuring sugars) and starches. Lots of meat, nuts, dairy, and whole grain things, plus lots of vegs and some fruits. No processed sugar things like pop and juice.

Revathi P
avoid sweets and carbohydrate rich food. have protein and fibre rich food like Green vegetables,Fruits like guava, papaya, lemon 50 gms and not in huge quanity Have it in time intervals(2 hours once)

Cammie is right on. I just came from 4 sessions of diabetes classes (plus lots of other reading on diabetes). There are no foods you can't eat. It's just the way you eat them that's important. Some foods are poor choices and some are good choices. Have your doctor refer you to diabetes education. It can be managed quite successfully with diet, exercise, and medications (if needed).

ms. cubana
should stay away from the juice and processed food, no refined sugar..basically stay away from any procucts that are white or beige..have you noticed that all fried and fatty foods are beige in color like french fries, fried chicken, bread? so keep that in mind when making choices...diabetics can eat just about anything as long as you keep portion control in mind..i have been a diabetic for 14 years now and this is what i do...if you feel like eating rice and bread or even pasta choose whole grain whole weat products..really start reading labels because when you do look for wheat products make sure it says whole wheat or whole grains, and it will be the first item listed in the ingredients...if it doesnt say that lay off it...you should be eating everything in moderation whether it's good or bad for us..remember fruits also can raise glucose levels because of the fructose..anything with the (tose) in it is a form of sugar...your best bet to figure out a specific diet for yourself is to see a dietition but if not then hopefully you will take my advice...hope you stay well and take care of yourself

Leslie Adv. Registered Nurse Practioner

Men's Health had an interesting article about this. What I've found works best is this low GI carbs, protein and fiber. So for supper instead of meat, potatoes and vegitables now its meat, vegetables and more vegetables (salad), I cut out starches and sweets and feel great.

No doubt about it, it should be a high fiber low fat diet. Dark green vegetables and fruit of all kinds. Oats and high fiber cereal. Omitting simple carbs and eating more whole foods. Also omitting alcohol and caffeine. These both make your blood sugars go up and down. You need to eat food that don't tax the pancreas and that goes back to high fiber and low fat. Also try to eat foods that are rich in omega 3's.

Laura H
I am a diabetic and as far as diabetics go, they need to increase thier fiber content. For instance if a serving of dried beans has 16gm carbs and their is 7gm of fiber in that serving then the total carb content of that serving is only 9gms.
You also need to watch "Starchy foods and limit them in your diet. You want to eat between 30-45 grams of carbs per meal.
Vegetables, but not the starchy one. 1/2 cup raw or 1 cup cooked equals 15 grams of carbs. Apples and Banans are good but do not eat the big ones, choose the small ones.

Also, a good website to get nutrition information about Diabetes is the American Diabetes Association Website.

Check it out. Type in Diabetes in your browser bar and it will link you to several website.

Also go to a physician, or diabetes educator for more info, on this subject/

low fat, no sugar- food, white meat, vegetables, no rice and pasta. i heard that cinamon is supposed to be good.

Best types of foods for a diabetic person is green veggies, fruits and high fiber(whole wheat breads) not less then 3grams per serving, your plate should be divided into three sections with half the plate of green stuff, 1 quarter meats and the other quarter starchy foods, like rice or potatoes etc.the size of the palm of your hand.

it really depends on your diet. if you are on a low carb diet, more protiens are better. you can still eat cake and desserts as long as its in moderation and you read the lables. just stay away from candy!

Mike J
Natural foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in protein. If a diabetic is taking insulin, he or she should eat natural foods and account for them by taking the correct dose of insulin.

Natural foods are always easier on the body. However, eating a lot of meat without exercising will only lead to obesity, which is as unhealthy as a low hemoglobin A1C score. It takes strict control to maintain a healthy diabetic lifestyle.

The best type of food for people with diabetes is what they want to eat.
There is not one food on this planet that people with diabetes cannot eat!
You should see a dietitian and work out the best food plans for you.
Learn to count carbs and understand the connection between carbs , medication, exercise and portion control.
I have no ideas where these people come from that tell you not to eat such and such.They are NOT basing their info on any facts.

Have a great time.

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