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Sugar level 513. any medicine?

vinayak r
Aloe Gel, Green Essence, Pomsteen it is recommended that the initial dosage of supplements be limited for a month.The sugar level are expected to stabilize by that time. If it helps you another suppliments could be added .

some medicines that me(not a doctor) can give you are-
(1)avoid food items which has more sugar than the normal food.My father also experienced sugar and the doctor told to eat non rice food .
(2)take exercise everyday(walking is enough)

thats enough,but you to do this atleast 3 weeks.
with best wishes

You need to be on insulin if your sugars are this high. Levels this high could put you in a coma, destroy your kidneys and ultimately kill you.

Wan S
I think you need insulin to drop your blood sugar but slowly step by step, after your blood stable in range 140 mg/dl-200mg/dl, you can take oral anti diabetic......consult your doctor

take your insulin

melanie b
exercise brings down sugar levels

Your sugar level is on the high side. If this persists, you may have to be administered insulin. It is high time, you consult an endocrionologist for professional advice and treatment.

karen h
Get to the doctor as an emergency. You need insulin and medical attention right away.

panneerselvam s
Are you telling anything about a team's score in cricket.At any point of time this level is high.Even it cross 400,there will be hectic problem.Consult a good DR and act accordingly

Mark B
Don't exercise with sugars this high. It will only make them worse. Get them below 300 before exercising. And please get yourself to a doctor or ER right away.

Priya S
Don't go for exersize just go and contact your doctor and start taking insulin. other wise your sugar will kill you. Don't eat rice and potato and oil in your food.

That's crazy high.
Only insulin, not some herbal voodoo medicine, will bring down blood sugar at that level.
Are you already diagnosed with diabetes? If so, speak to your doctor about this reading. If not, go to the doctor.

At that level you may have ketoacidosis. If you do not have ketone strips at home, you can get them from the local pharmacy without a prescription. If the strip shows ketones, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.
If you do have ketones, it is VERY DANGEROUS, and you must NOT exercise as one poster advised.

Please heed the advice to see your doctor immediately. If necessary go to the emergency room. A reading of 513 is potentially life threatening because of complications like DKA. Don't follow the advice to exercise. Exercise helps lower moderately high blood sugar, but for extremely high readings like yours exercise doesn't work and can be dangerous.

First... You need to see a doctor.... second... you need to see a doctor... third... Let them decide which way is the best to treat your disease! Insulin and/or oral medications should be used.

First of all, you need to see your doctor. Secondly, you need to watch your diet. You need to dramatically reduce the amount of carbs you are eating.If you are a diabetic, your meals should not contain any more than 45 grams of carbs a meal, and in between meal snacks (2 each day ) should not be any more than 15 grams of carbs each. If you have been diagnosed as a diabetic and are taking medications, you need to see you doctor now, because he most likely will adjust the dosage or change your medications. It does not mean you should be on insulin, these people don't know what they are saying. However, being on insulin can mean wonderful control of your diabetes. Get some good daily exercise, like walking for 45 min. each day. If you have not been taking care of yourself, you need to start now. See your doctor, then make an appointment with a nutritionist, and last of all, sign up for some diabetic educational classes. They will help you a lot. It will make controlling your disease much easier.

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