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Sore lump under skin on top of right foot, diabetic?
Hi i suffer from diabetes, and know that one of the most important things is to keep an eye on your feet. About two weeks ago i noticed a lump on the top of my foot under the skin, it wasnt realy uncomfortable at first but has become more painfull over time and seams to make my foot and leg ake. Just wondered if anyone had experianced this before or had an idea about what it could be. I do have a doctors appointment booked to get it checked out.

You know you are going to get people telling you to stop wasting time on the computer and go to the doctors, don't you? Hee Hee. Well I'm not.

no but i am sorry to hear that.

have t2 diabetes for five years and a multitude of ailments come with it. most anything can becaused by the disease. could be swelling and collecting water from too much water. if you are getting high readings on your meter and your ankles and calfs swell, probably so. but you should be getting frequent checks by a physician. it will kill you pretty fast. recently had a four-way bypass caused by blockage which, in turn, was surely caused by diabetes that i didn't take very seriously. took the meds and shots and still ate to much. and still am. i know it is killing me but i get so damn hungry and have beer binges now and then. doctors just shake their heads. food and such will eventually kill me and probably you as well. hard regimine required. i dont have the right stuff to not eat. and the rest. good luck. hope you foot isn't the diabetes. it just gets worse. month by month. i just picked out a teakwood urn for $500 plus $25 shipping that i like.

yes it could be very much a problem for you. it could be the beginning of a opening maybe a bone is broken and it may open up and they are hard to cure. the best thing whenever you see something wrong with feet get to the doctor very fast and find out foot speciliast not a regular doctor they can't tell unless they have to refer you.

Better checkout with a doctor. Get well soon.

it could just be a cyst and ur footwear is rubbin, try not to worry and carry on observin it, i wish u luck at the doctors.

dels replies
May not be anything, but as you say, being a diabetic you have to take great care of your feet... Here in England , My wife, diabetic, had regular chiropody treatment from the local health authority.. She had an appointment at the foot clinic every two months. Biggest problem likely to affect diabetics is reduced circulation causind gangrene, also the presence of sugar in the blood makes infection of little sctatches etc. much more likely.

Cathy :)
This isn't caused by diabetes, but it will prob be worse and take longer to heal because of it. Most important thing is that you know about it and are going to the dr so can keep a close eye on it - don't worry I get things wrong with my feet a lot too, it's anoying but it'll get sorted out by your doc - people ususally need amputations because they've not noticed a problem starting or have left it too long to get it sorted xxxx

my diabetic grandpa had his leg amputated because he waited too long to get a blister on his toe checked out. first the toe went... then the whole leg... on his other foot he only has 2 toes now.... DONT HESITATE TO GET IT CHECKED OUT NNNNOOOOWWWW!!!!!!

Dr Frank
Far too many options, it could be trauma, infection, phlebitis, erythema nodosum, you will need to get someone to look at it. As you said you need to take care of your feet!

It is good that you have a doctors appointment. As a diabetic you should be under the care of an endocrinologist and a podiatrist among other specialties.

Goof luck

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