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does that mean you you got too much sugar, or do you need to eat some ...

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 Is there any other medicine for diabetes?
1. I'm 66 yrs old,male,diabetic since last 25 yrs.
2. My blood sugar level is 252mg (PP) and fasting blood sugar 220 mg.
3.Now i'm on
a)ZORYL4 1tab/day b4 Breakfast

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 My blood glucose levels are high and i can't get them to go down and i've taking my meds what can i do?

 I am a diabetic, how can I get my blood levels normal without having to starve myself?
blood levels are always over 2 - 300. no matter what I eat. I've tried several diets but nothing helps.
Additional Details
I'm a type 2 diabetic and I'm on Lantis and H...

Son's glucose is 290, do I keep him home w/t fluids?
Or, should he go to ER, seems ok, eating, just kinda' tired, better than yesterday.
He ate some soup and jello about 1/2 before the reading.
Additional Details
we just found out he has type 2 on Fri, this is our first weekend, and everything is still new.
He has been drinking sf koolaid and sf jello, and chk noodle soup, 1/2 turkey sand/chips.
Says he feels dizzy, his last reading was 332.

a glucose of 290 a half hour after eating jello,,,,sounds pretty normal to me. Check blood glucose before meals, not after, and get one in the morning before he eats anything to know what his glucose is.

I have been insulin dependent for 29 years and first off, don't be over alarmed yes, 290 mg/dl is high but most likely doesn't require a trip to the ER. Look on the scale that should have been provided to you by your health care provider, look up the rang that 290 falls in and administer that much insulin. But, remember, he then will need to take in some form of snack for that dose to work with so that low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) does not occur.

ER ASAP thats way too high!!!

most doctors wont tell you this but ib proffen lowers blood sugar
the are scared it will lower it too much,but all you have to do is give him 2 and watch him close check his sugar again in 15-20 mins

Call his doctor to see if you need to adjust insulin - glucose is too high.

You need to do the reading at least 4 hours after he's eaten anything to get a true reading. 290 is a high glucose reading. If he's not on medication he should be. Theres a saying a high glucose reading will kill you later a low reading will kill you now. His Blood sugar should be between 60 and 120 any thing higher is doing damage slowly to his organs. Anything lower and he should be in the ER. low blood sugar can cause coma and death.

Way too high <and if he's eating and drinking anything other than sugar free ,he's going to stay that way and be in serious trouble . You should take his glucose levels before breakfast ,2 hrs after a meal and before bedtime at a minimum , and record them for your Dr. He doesn't need any more fluids than normal and if abnormally thirsty ,I suspect its because his sugar is too high . Have him snack on meat ,cheese ,eggs and other protein foods ,and then eat normal meals but watch out that he eats only small amounts of starchy or sweet foods .

Guy R
goals for insulin dep diabetic

morning blood sugar 100
after meal never above 200
3 hour after meal <140
meal time 100

I am a just concerned person, not an expert, but I would go to a doctor or call one.


290 is ok. it's not gonna kill him. if it was up in the 700s or he passes out it's bad. when i'm sick i get up in the 4-500s don't worry. just keep testing.

Depending on how old your son is he should bring his med bag with his monitor & insulin to school and test it every hour and take his insulin accordingly. Most schools are really great at helping out and this shows your son that diabetes should not interfer with his learning. Every day he is not in school he will fall behind, he has enough hanicaps being dumb should not be one of them.
A 290 is not so high as to stay home, give him some insulin and send him to school. BUT I would also call the teacher and let her/him know whats happening.

Yes, get him checked up.

Actually I just spoke to a doctor about my mom and her glucose level and they said that if it stays below 350 its alright.

Call your son's doctor. There should be someone on call even on Sunday night. If that doesn't work, call the ER and ask to speak to a nurse or doctor.

Along with the other suggestions about monitoring your son's blood sugar (before meals and before bed), I would suggest some physical activity. Type II diabetes has two things going on.

First the pancreas can't produce enough insulin to keep his blood sugar at reasonable levels. Second, his muscles are resistant to the insulin he makes. His muscles can require up to 5 times the normal amount of insulin necessary to allow the sugar to get to the muscle.

But, there IS something he can do to lower his insulin RIGHT NOW.

Light to moderate activity will help his muscles open-up and let the sugar in--- (and out of the blood). Even though he is dizzy, he could sit in a chair and do 3 sets of leg lifts. He could work his upper body by doing curls with free weights. If he could do this briskly for 20-30 minutes. His blood sugar readings should drop. He should also drink WATER during this activity.

Test his sugar one hour later. Sometimes a diabetic will show a rise in blood sugar when they first start an exercise program. This is VERY important, check his sugar one hour after exercising. If his sugar is still over 290, call the physician, or the ER.

Good Luck!

Take him to the Emergency room, better safe then sorry...Good Luck...

I have been diabetic for 19 years and have had alot of highs most of my life. You really need to watch what you eat. More water and not so much junk. I know it is so hard. I also hate when people say how to eat but if you want to feel good you have to eat lots of veggies and good food. If you just found out you are Diabetic it will take a while to get your sugars down. You will also find out hat makes your sugars go up. If you are not feeling flu like and you can keep your food down and you don't have the fruity breath you should be ok. But if you do feel flu like and are drinking alot you should go to the Er. I have been there plenty for that. You should drink lots of water.

Hi Friend

Blood sugar @290 after eating is not bad. What was in the soup potatoes, pasta. In the jello sugar or non sugar. It should be taken before meals 290 before dinner i would see a Dr. I am a Diabetic who got my Blood Sugar under control when the Dr could not.You can email me @ john@fromnaturetoyou.net

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