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do i have diabetes?.....i feel very tired also dizzy...my vision is very blurry.....i also feel short of breath,also i feel a general weakness down my right arm........

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Im not ...

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 What could be wrong? the doctor said that the result of the chest xray reveals liquid and enlarged heart?
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 Diabetic assistance needed?
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 What should I do about family members who don't understand my diabetes plan and give me a bad time about it?
I am a diabetic and when I was diagnosed 14 years ago my doctor said take a pill and lose weight.So I didn't know how to control it and six years later I end up with neuropathy (nerve damage) in ...

 Really scared....34 weeks pregnant and pre-diabetic?
hi all.....i am 34 weeks pregnant and doctor informed that i have high blood sugar and today morning i checked my blood sugar levels using glucometer and the readings are as follows:


 To Carb or not to Carb? That is the diabetic question.?
I'm type 2 diabetic. No medication needed- it is diet controlled.

I have been reading a lot about how carbs should be evenly distributed in a diabetic meal plan- and throughout the ...

 I have a question on Diabeties?
I know nothing about Diabeties,however a friends father has it .the Dr.that treats him for it told my friend to make sure her dad gets his shot everyday.. she told me she doesnt give it everyday ...

My mom, the stubborn diabetic. Am I right? Or is she?
My mom, god bless, is the most stubborn person I know. She was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and it's not very well controlled. Her bloodsugar goes up and down constantly.

I keep telling her she has to switch to a low-glycemic diet and lose weight. She says it won't matter because she has no residual insulin production, and that whatever she eats, she can just take more meds.

When it goes down, she eats and drinks sugary things, soda, chocolate etc.

Am I crazy, or is she the worst and most stubborn diabetic ever?

marie a
She's not the worst or most stubborn diabetic because I've known many diabetics in the 14 years I've had it myself that just don't want to do what they should. I would ask her if she's willing to have her doctor refer her to diabetic education classes as they helped me and my husband greatly to keep our blood sugars in really good control. They give us an individual food plan which works and we neither one feel deprived. Also taking more meds than prescribed can be dangerous as they can her to go too low and possibly have seizures or go into a diabetic coma.

Tin S
Mom is crazy . Blindness and amputation are in the cards for her. Nothing you can do.

She needs to hear it from a nutritionist, perhaps she doesn't see you as an authority. Pity that she just doesn't get it.

Bob T
She'll create big problems. Lose the sugar & soda, drink diet.

My mom passed away at age 58 because she did not listen to the doctors,get her to understand how dangerous diabetes is if not kept under control.

Mei Ling W
pls go along with your mun on the next visit to see doctor and tell the doctor the problem with your mum and ask the doctor talk to her the serious of having diabetes your mum will not listen to you because she will be thinking she lives longer then you she should be the one doing the talking not you if not try to get picture and let her see what happen if she do not control her diet properly

She's playing with fire.

Everytime your sugar spikes, organs are damaged.
That's why it's called the silent killer.

Organs like - eyes, liver, kidneys.

I hope she gets serious about her health.

Gary B
No, her response is real common. . .

. . .and D-E-A-D wrong. Your mother is killing herself.

Blood sugar readings DO vary widely throughout the day. The goal is to keep things as close to normal as possible for as long as possible.

Many diabetics use a 7-reading schedule for "finger stick" blood tests -- once juts before each meal, once two hours AFTER each meal, and once juts before bed.

Those reading just before meals should be close to normal. Normal is 80-120; for a diabetic, a reading is 100-150 is "acceptable".

The readings taken TWO HOURS after eating should also be close to normal, but probably just a bit higher. In a diabetic 150-170 is acceptable.

The reading just before bed is a reference reading to show how much your sugars change over the night.

Unfortunately, your mothere's attitude is DEAD wrong. If she has no residual insulin production, then she MUST be taking shots. Oral medications will NOT help a person with no residual insulin production.

Taking an A1C test every three months is crucial! Have the doctor go over the test results with you and her.

One of the quickest ways to die "young" is to attempt to "compensate" for your meals through increased insulin injections. This WILL lead to hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) attacks, coma, and death.

Your mother needs to get off her stuibborn a$$ and start treating herself right. NO sugared product -- colas, sports drinks. energy drinks, cookies, ice cream, cake, candies. Cut WAY back on starches -- breads, crackers, rice, potatoes, pastas. Eat more fibers -- grean vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals. Reduce the fat intake. Get more exercise.

IF she follow the diet she WILL lose weight, and she will feel better.

But if she keep treating herself like you describe, she may well be dead far too early.

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