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Tina B
My husband is diabetic and has an infected sore on his foot! What can I do for him tonight!?
My husband is 60 years-old and has type 2 diabetes that is treated with both pills and insulin shots. He has nueropathy in his legs and feet. He really doesn't watch what he eats no matter what I do or say. He's already had two ice creams and cookies today! I'm so upset with his careless attitude about his health! I think he's in denial even though he's had this for years. He had a sore spot on his foot and went to the doc last Monday. The stupid doc decided it was in my husbands best interest to cut it off and biopsi it. He cauterized the skin until it turned completely black so there'd be no chance of an infection. Needless to say, it's in a bad spot and his shoes have rubbed against it all week. I looked at it just now and it's been bleeding and the inside is completely green. It's about the size of a dime. The reddness around is the size of an egg. I cleaned it with peroxide and put antbiotic cream on it with a bandage. I started him on oral antibiotics. He won't let me take him
Additional Details
to the ER tonight but said he would go in the morning. Is there anything else I should do tonight besides pray?

call an ambulance to come get him if he won't go voluntarily...my aunt lost both feet being stubborn like that...definately call an ambulance but don't tell him till they are already there. good luck

no get him to wound care doc soon i have one just like him and he lost the leg almost to the knee because he wont listen also get him diabetic shoes medicare pays for them look in to it mine is 51

x.[M ii s s . O b s e s s ii ve]
You should take him to the ER even if hes going tomorrow or whenever the green stuff in his foot would be classified as gangerine. Which then depends on how far it spreads is how far he has to get it amputated ( cut off ) Maybe you should also take him to the doctor to help him take care of it better. I was dianosed less then a year ago and started to think : who cares bout it " my mom noticed and took me to my doctor and it helped i started back on track again.

Hope this helps

Soak his foot in very warm water, wash it well, dry it well, put some Neosporin on it and keep it above the level of his heart and then get him in to the ER as soon as he will go. Also drink lots of fluids, no alcohol.

What I am about to say is brutal but honest. If your husband won't change his attitude about his health you need to help him get his affairs in order. He will not be with you long

Get your husband to emergency tonight! This may be a form of gangrene, and if not, its certainly a serious infection.

Its quite possible that he will lose his toe or even his foot if you wait. You should call your doctor and tell him what's going on.

If you can't convince your husband to go to Emergency tonight, at least get his blood sugar down if you can. Its likely up from the infection, and high blood sugar makes it harder to fight infection.

Encourage him to drink more water, and avoid all carbs for the rest of the day, and go to the hospital tomorrow morning at the latest. He really is risking losing his foot by waiting that long. If he has one of the more quickly spreading forms of gangrene, he could die if treatment is delayed.

The infection could already be in the bone, and if it is, they have to amputate. They'll have no choice. The longer its delayed, the more serious it gets, the more they have to take off.

As soon as they get this taken care of he should see a diabetes specialist, probably an endocrinologist to get him on tighter control. He needs a dietician too, to get him on a tighter diet.

Given all that you have written, it sounds like he's in complete denial and won't face facts until he does lose his toe, or even his foot. You can't MAKE him act like an adult. I'd start praying. Maybe this will be his wake up call.

Its possible that he already has a form of gangrene, so CALL YOUR DOCTOR and PLEASE get him to the hospital as soon as possible.


you are doing a great job
if it turns blue or black or has red marks going up leg or anywhere leaving the site he will need a doctor asap
so far your doing great job
however he is going to have to get a grip on his health or he might lose his foot

I think you have done this best thing already, if you take him to er they will only do what you have already. and probaly tell him to see family doctor tomorrow..Get some rest and call dr. first thing in the morning..

The peroxide may have been a little harsh, but understand the reasoning. You need to get your husband to the ER or to a doctor first thing in the morning if he won't go tonight. The antibiotic cream and oral antibiotics shouldn't hurt, but a wound on a diabetic is nothing to mess with, as you well know. Not much else you can do tonight that I can think of.

Your husband sounds like he is in denial. Like it or not, he has to take control of his life. My son has Type 1 and has had for years. You can be supportive, but in the long run, the diabetic has to realize a quality life can be led if he gets on top of the disease. If not, the disease WILL get on top of him, and life with possible blindness, amputations, dialysis, etc. is a lot harder than watching a diet. Hey, sweets can be had sometimes - but he's gotta get over this denial or anger and get with the program! Please get him to a good endocrinologist and diabetic counseling. Let him know he is not alone - lots of people are dealing with this - my son's type 1 has been going on for 27 years - not one day off - but he's alive, his eyes are great, kidneys great. Take care of it and your husband can live a good, long life!

This is quite serious and I recommend you consider a new doctor. He should have had husband get more comfortable shoes. That means roomy. Pressure on the wound should have been avoided.

Something has to change or body parts will be at risk.

Best Wishes.

You need to beat your hubby half to death with an ugly stick!!! But since you can't do that, get a new doctor!!

Your hubby is indeed on a trip to DeNile, and won't come home til he has lost his precious foot!! Sorry to say!

He should have been sitting in the chair with foot up letting it heal instead of putting his shoe on and walking or whatever all day!!

Tell him I have a friend who lost his foot, is now in dialysis, and unable to see due to eating junk as he wanted to and ignoring the sore spot on his foot. He is still in DeNile!!

You are doing a great job. I have a mom in law who won't watch herself either and she is driving us all up a wall. Do you believe him that he will go to the ER in the morning? If he really took this seriously he would get help now. Try to see if you can get him to go now...I know you won't be getting any sleep tonight out of worry..tell him to to it for you.

Lacey G's Stalker :))
for 1... stop using the Hydrogen Peroxide.... its very damaging to the tissues.... people always make the mistake of doing this and it actually causes the tissue to become irritated and damaged... we rarely use it in the hospitaly... only if it is diluted to half strength with saline... and ONLY, ONLY if it is ordered by an MD....

as far as the "green"... could be beginning to get Gangrenous...

Problem with being a diabetic is that he is more prone to infection and wounds take longer to heal...

in order for wound healing to occur, he's got to get his sugars in check... let me guess, he's non compliant with testing his sugar as well as eating a bad diet??

Keep his sugars no higher than 130 or 140 and you have a better chance at healing the wound

Test 2 or 3 times daily before each meal, and after each meal... get a better idea at how he's doing.... keep a list and track the trends

problem with neuropathy is that he can't really feel what's going on inside his shoe... he could be walking around on a pepple all day and it could be burried in his skin and he would never know cuz of the neuropathy....

number 1 thing is to check feet daily... watch for redness and areas of irriation... get proper fitting orthotic shoes made especially for him and his diabetes

you've got to get to the Doc monday morning.... it could be badly infected.... and may be turning to gangrene...

and your husband needs to understand the long term complications of his disease...

Long term complications of diabetes:
1. poor circulation
2. risk for infection
3. wounds that do not heal
4. amputation of the toes, foot, or even the entire leg
5. loss of vision
6. heart disease that leads to heart attack or stroke

Jennifer L
There's not much you can do tonight.

I recommend not cleaning the wound with peroxide. It destroys the good tissue and all of the wound care guidelines now say not to use it. saline is best, even the regular saline for contact lenses will work in a pinch. (Make sure it is only saline, with none of the contact cleaner stuff added.)

If your husband won't go in tonight he needs to go first thing in the morning. Between his out of control blood sugars and an infected-sounding wound on his foot, this is potientially a very dangerous situation. Does he realize that most diabetic amputations happen exactly from situations like this? Yes, I know that sounds grave, but non-compliant diabetics + infected foot wounds are not a good combination.

Secondary to immediate wound care, he needs to get his diabetes under control. But he has to decide to do this. Maybe getting threatened with amputation might do it.

Get him to the doctor no later than tomorrow AM, even if you have to drag him there kicking and screaming!

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