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Toni f
My husband is a diabetic and cant seem to gain weight, how can I help him get back to a healthy weight?

what kind of diabetic? is he insulin dependent or not? we have to remember what insulin does ... it drives sugar into cells!!!! so that means, more insulin = gain weight :-)

He/you need to consult with a registered dietician with experience in dealing with diabetes.

Their metabolic requirements are just too sensitive to be relying on anything you'd get here.

Just as a wild guess, I'd say the dietician will lean toward a high protein diet and exercise program.

Good luck.

hi there it would have a great help believe this happen to me i lost 12stone(168 pounds) the problem i see here is the you Or your husband or you both or worried if it he eats the food that will put back on the weight he will lose control of his diabetes and/or make it worse well the way i did this is to cut back on what ever form of exercise your husband is don ting and eat a bigger portion of food till the weight is back then he can start from there again

Adina T
If he is a type 1 (or insulin dependent diabetic) diabetic then the FIRST step to weight gain is really good blood sugars. If his blood sugars are higher than ideal, then he is losing some of the sugar calories he eats because he doesn't have enough insulin to store those calories.

So first, get blood sugars as close to normal as possible. Talk to his doctor...have HIM talk to his doctor.

Once blood sugars are in good control...then it's just a matter of eating more: More healthy fats, more carbs, more protein, more of everything! Good luck!

alice in the woods
He's probably a type 1. They have this problem far more often than a type 2. It sounds like his blood sugars might be running too high and his insulin dose needs adjusting. He won't gain weight until this is under control. Only a doctor, preferably a diabetes specialist, can advise you on this.

How good is his blood sugar control? Weight gain is usually a sign of good control. A good dietician or diabetes educator should be able to help him on this.

What you can do is try to help him eat healthy on a regular schedule. This will help him adjust and time his medications better.

Shine Cloud
Go and see a nutritionist, they will help you plan out an eating plan to help him gain weight and muslce which is appropriate with his condition

Here's how to put on some weight in a healthy way

Make your calories count. Don't fill your stomach with "empty" calories such as chips, pretzels and other treats. Instead have some sliced turkey, a handful of peanuts, yogurt, etc.

Make every calorie a worthwhile calorie.

Note that some other things such as how much sleep you get and how frequently you get it will affect your metabolism. If you keep a regular sleeping pattern your body will have an easier time storing nutrients as muscle. Also, if you deal with ailments/symptoms such as depression or diabetes, they will affect your ability to gain weight.

Stay away from fast food! While it will fatten you up, it is usually loaded with harmful trans fat. You should choose foods fried in liquid, non hydrogenated oil. It is equally fattening, and much healthier.

You can eat lots of sweet potatoes.

During the first month of weight training, expect tremendous gains if you are faithful to your schedule. However also expect this to level off after this initiatory period.

After several weeks of the same workouts, alter your workouts to promote muscle confusion and boost gains.

Beginner weight trainers are often "afflicted" with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This soreness is completely normal and should not prevent one from keeping to their weight training schedule. It goes away after a couple days.

You still need to exercise regularly, as the body will need to adjust to the extra weight, or you will feel tired and out of breath with little or no exertion.

You still need to eat healthy if you want to stay healthy. Too much junk food will make you feel tired and depressed, and take away your energy..

When calculating the amount water you should drink, calculate it based on a gallon of water weighing about 8lbs.

If you can, try drinking (Non-hydrogenated, of course) vegetable oil. Go and buy a food scale and some liquid or granular Lecithin (a soybean derived ingredient sold at many health food stores). Mix this with vegetable oil in a proportion of 1 part Lecithin to 10 parts oil by weight (for granular) or 1:6 (for liquid Lecithin). This enhances the digestion and absorption of the oil, allowing you to consume as much as 2000 calories (about one glass) without it "going through" or making you nauseated. Don't drink more than ~2000 calories of oil/Lecithin in any 9-hour period. Your digestive system can only absorb fat so fast and any more will either go straight through or make you vomit (in either case, defeating the purpose).

Hope this helps
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