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 How do I beat an drug test for diabetes for an job?

 How do you get diabetes?
I'm in love with this guy that has type 1 diabetes. No one else has diabetes. He was always thirsty, he dropped 15 pounds in 2 weeks (even though he only weighed 115 pounds to start with) and ...

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Cant go to vet.
Should I give him a lot of salt?...

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okay what is going on with my body?

im 14, 5ft 5in, and weigh 115lbs, i'm thin and healthy

but within the last year i have noticed these really annoying symptoms including:...

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 Should I be worried???
Hi all,

Well type 2 strongly runs in my dads side of the family and my dad has it too. I have been feeling kind of weird for a few days so my mate tested me on her meter. I was 5.6 mmol,...

 Do I need to see an endo?Newly diagosed T2?
My family dr has been prescribing for me since my diagosis (type 2) 8 weeks ago. He hasn't said anything about sending me to an endo. Should I find one anyway?...

 Substitute for sugar?
I am trying to make a citrus drink and it requires 1 1/2 cups of sugar.

What else can I use instead of this? Will honey be a good subsitute?

I am trying to make it so that my ...

 Blood sugar problems?
ok I get all shaky and cant think and get angry easily when I dont eat. is this hypoglycemia? (sp) what is it and how can I stop it....

 If someone has Diabetes in the family, what should they NOT do to avoid early onset of the disease?

 A question about Diabetes?
How does a person know if they have contracted Diabetes? What are some of the most common symptoms? What about Sugar Diabetes? What are the most common symptoms of a person contracting Sugar D...

 I have high sugar and I'm also in borderline for diabetes..... so i wanted to know what fruits could i eat?

 Sugar found in urine?
I'll be 15 years old in a few months, and i'm really nervous. Just before christmas, i went to the doctor because I wanted to start a diet. I gain weight really easily, so they wanted to do ...

 Im nearly 23 weeks pergnant and have been told that i might have diabeties ive been given a machine to monitor
been given a machine to monitor my self the reading of it keeps going up and down some times b4 i eat its 4.3 or 5.0 or 3.3.after are eaten an hour later i test my self it goes to 7.0 or 8.0 or 8.1 ...

 My A1C results?
I just got the results of my A1C It was 9.5...how bad is that?...

 How to raise low blood sugar?
I've had low blood sugar for about six months now. I get dizzy when rising, especially when I'm hot. It's never been a problem before - the dizzy spells last about three to five ...

 Is hiv/aids inter related to diabetes?

 Im 14 male im over weight and my family has diabetes well my pops side am i ging to get it to?
what are some things i could do to prevent ...

 I have been type 1 Diabetic for 21 years...?
I am now 24 years old and my last 2- A1C I have showen protein in my urine, does this mean my kidneys are failing? Or could it be that my Blood sugar was kinda high, it was 141. Please help me ...

My fiancee is impotent due to type 1 diabetes. He is only 36 and has tried all the various drugs?
I realise that this is a common problem with diabetics and Im aware that there is an operation that can be carried out.( he has also tried the injections which did not solve the problem) Im interested to know has anyone out there had this operation with good results?

There is no such operation. The only way is for him to keep the diabetes under control. Eat healthy food and lots of exercise. No smoking, no alcohol and no fattening foods. And of course keep that sugar level under check.

He's not impotent because of diabetes, he's impotent due to lack of control of his diabetes.

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NecropolisXR answer is on the money. I wonder who placed a bad answer vote.

Forget operations. What your fiancee really needs is a change of lifestyle.
Consult professionals.

London Girl
I am sorry, diabetes is a horrid illness, I know because I have it (diabetes II though) and I have to go so careful all the time, sometimes I don't and know that I am killing myself by not watching what I eat, but it makes me feel so very depressed.

Why don't you log on to diabetes UK, they may be able to help you.

Good luck to the two of you.

Hi Coolcat, Me again! :-)

Check out the Aspartame contents of his drinks - Diabetics react worse to it than none btw.

Aspartic Acid causes insulin to be released thus messing up the balance.

Do a Yahoo search for Aspartame + Diabetes

He needs to work on keeping his blood sugars under control. The main cause of impotence in men with diabetes is that it is not under control. He probably needs to consult his physician to see if he needs more insulin or a change of insulin.

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