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Mike J
My feet are numb after driving. What do I need to do?
I am a type 1 diabetic. I am starting to notice that my feet are really numb after driving. I'm really tired, like I want to take a nap, but I feel like I need to get some exercise or sit in a spa to get circulation going. Ah- I'm just tired. Can't I sleep?

I'm 1 up on you!!
Do What UNK says...... "Walk it out"!!

drink more water and move around more

As another answerer said, it may not be your diabetes that is causing you feet to go numb. I too have numbness in my legs and feet and get a sensation of aching in my lower back. Todays ergonomically styled seats are designed to put your butt lower than your legs and feet. In some people this causes lower back nerve problems and associated pain and numbness in the legs and feet. My problem TOTALLY went away when I started using one of those wedge shaped driver's cushions and adjusting the front of the seat as low as it will go. This got my butt up on the same level as my legs and bingo all better. Try it and see if it helps. Hope it does.

The numbness can be caused by the diabetes, but is sounds like if it is only happening in the car and not when you sit still in a desk etc... Possibly the position you are sitting in the car, try stretching the seat a little further back. I used to have problems (I am a non-diabetic) but I am pretty short for sedan size cars. Long legs short body, anyways I would get the same cause I would have the seat to close and my legs were getting cramped and numb. Also believe it or not maybe your shoes are to tight...you never know. But being that you are type 1 you should probably call your doc.

I'm Boarder Line Diabetic (Almost There)

My Feet Do The same Thing

I Was Told By My Doctor To Elevate My Feet

The walking around when You Can or Laying Down W/ feet Up & Moveing My feet around or doing some Leg exersize seam to Make it Go away & The swelling Too

But Doing The Right Diet & getting Wieght Down
Will Make The diabetas Go away if Were not to Late
& Thats what we need to Do

could be lack of circulation, which is common in diabetics. could be a pinched nerve in your low back. Getting out of the car and moving around, more often, will help both of these situations. If it is your back, try keeping a lumbar pillow, ( a rolled up towel will work) behind your low back when you drive.

I don't have diabetes but that happens to me when i drive my wife's car, but not in mine. The doc said its the seat and position that I drive. my you can get different seats or a cover that is more comfortable.

Annie D
Diabetics suffer from decreased blood flow in the smaller blood vessels, causing poor circulation. When driving, you should stop every hour to two hours and get out and walk. This would help your circulation and also help to prevent blood clots. Do some walking before taking that nap. Doesn't have to be much, but enough walking back and forth to get the circulation going.

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