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My blood sugar was 145 right after I ate, is that ok?
it was 94 before i ate and 145 after...is that high? I didn't eat that much and i didn't have any refined sugar.

subrata Chowdhury
how older u?

you should always wait about an hour to 2 hours after you eat to check your sugar. Checking your sugar right after you eat is going to catch you at a peaking point.. anytime you eat your sugar level rises and then begins to come back down after about an hour. this is normal.. weather you are on insulin or not.

That is perfectly fine! If you kind of experiment with testing blood sugars...it isn't always accurate. Sometimes my sister will test and it will be 92 and then test again right after, it will go up too the 200's. But right after you eat it makes a lot of sense. Just try testing again in about 2-3 hours with having anything to eat, im sure it will go back down. You have to give it time for the insulin to do its job.

Helen Scott
Normal numbers are 70-145....you're high, but still within range. Food can affect it...especially if you ate something really sugary

You should wait 2 hrs after you eat.. If it 145 and under your okay

not that bad

150 is the top of the "normal" limit, taking your blood sugar right after eating anything is a no, no, take it in the morning before you eat

Yes, it is ok that your blood sugar was that high because it should be aroud there most of the time so it does not get to high or low. I advise you to check with your doctor first before you listen to any answers like mine for example.

How long after you ate did you take the reading? If it was immediately, yes, that is ok. If it was around 2 hours later, that is a bit high, but ok.

When we test glucose after meals we should wait 1.5 to 2 hours after eating to take the measurement.

Eating "refined sugars" doesn't have that much to do with anything. It is the starchy veggies and breads that can shoot glucose numbers to the moon. "Refined sugars" will only shoot it up really fast then crash just as fast.

a single 'snap shot' doesn't give enough info.

are you diabetic? cause if you are your number is great. I am a type 2 and if I was at 145 immediately after eating I'd be ecstatic.

you should check your blood sugar ~2hours after eating but it's smart to know where you are before a meal sometimes too..

Ideally, this means levels between 70 and 130 mg/dl before meals, and less than 180 two hours after starting a meal.

of course we do not live in an ideal world...

you sound fine. but keep checking if you have concerns and discuss them with a doc. and keep checking for sure if you are diabetic.

Yes, that is high, but then, you said you did just eat.... One thing I learned when I had gestational diabetes is that refined sugar is only a tiny part of the problem. Any bread or starch product is sugar (even salty potatoe chips and your McDonalds hamburger, or even that glass of plain milk!) People eat too much carbs. Carbohydrates are sugars (complex sugars, but sugars none the less.)

Ways to combat this are, cut down on the amount of bread. One slice of sandwhch bread is a serving, but half of a hamburger bun is a serving. A small potatoe is a serving and 1/2 cup of any starch (corn, mashed potatos, maccaroni and cheese, spaghetti, beans, chili with beans, ice cream - which equals about two small scoops, yogurt, rice, a small roll, 4 to 6 butter crackers, uncrushed and unsettled flake cereal) and 1/4 cup of Grape Nuts cereal (without milk, of course)
I think 1tbsp of sugar, honey, syrup, etc. is a serving of carbs also. 1/8 of a regular piece of pie is also a serving.

Keep this information in mind when you eat. At breakfast, most people carb it up, but actually you should start your day with protein and only 15 to 30 grams of carbs (one to two servings) so a good, diabetes friendly breakfast would be a piece of toast, an omlet, and a glass of milk, or half of a biscuit, some baccon, and milk.

This is also a good way to loose weight! Contact your local Health Department and see if you can get some free information on diabetes and the "Diet Exchange" which you will learn about from your health department. An appointment with a dietician (sp?) would be a good idea!

norton g
Yes, 145 blood sugar is OK right after eating BUT a physician would not recommend you test at that time. The test should be done 2 hours after you finish eating at which time your blood sugar should be close to the fasting value.

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