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Well I'm a teen and I looked up the symptoms I have 5 out of 7 symptoms, they have checked twice before but the last time I was checked was when I was 7, diabetes is a long running history in my ...

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His podiatrist says that a staph germ just randomly infected his toe, and that an antibiotic and soaking it with epsom salts twice a day will take care of it in a few weeks.

I'm ...

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 Glucose is low (60) what could be wrong?

Additional Details
My friend is 25 and went for a blood test for something else and they want her to come back in because her sugar was low. She is not diabetic --at least she doesn...

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 Diabetes Question?
if you fast....and have a reading of 101 is that okay...are does it mean you are diabetic?
Additional Details
i didnt eat anything before the test....

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mother and father both have high sugar, and high blood ...

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 Can you have high blood sugar {like 200} and not have diabetes?

My blood sugar is 116 is that good or bad?

Normal glucose levels range between 80 and 120 so I would say you are on the high side of normal.

Jeff D
Depends on when you tested, but it is in normal range. Never above 180 after eating.

Looks ok. They say between 70-110, but a little over might be because of what you ate, and how long ago.

JM !
Pretty Good

Robert F
It is not bad, and if that is your avergae number, your A1c's will be good. Your doctor will usually tell you what number range you should be in according to your own situation and past numbers. The rule of thumb is to never be past 150, on a normal reading. If you are concerned, you can adjust your insulin or pills, to lower your readings overall. Also daily excercise, overtime will naturally bring down your numbers. There are many different factors, studies even say having a healthy and clean mouth (brushing and flossing) will help bring numbers down in diabetics.

Depends. Is this 3 hours after a meal, from fasting, after excersing? Overall 116 is good.

David NoLA
The level itself is normal. What you don't say is 'when' you did the test. If it was 2 hours after eating a big meal, it would be lower than normal, indicating a possible problem. If it was after fasting for 12 hours, heavy exercise, or something of that nature, it could high, also indicating a possible problem.

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