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My blood glucose levels are high and i can't get them to go down and i've taking my meds what can i do?

Strength through circumstance
Have you tried exercising? That helps my dad when his sugar levels get too high. He's on insulin shots. :) I sure hope I helped. Good luck and take VERY good care of yourself. Hang on tight, diabetes is no fun. :(

Steve R
talk to your doctor. Some meds work well for some people, and other pills don't.

Talk to your doctor. A lower carb diet and exercise along with diet should help regulate your sugar, and if that doesnt work along with your meds, it's insulin time.

watch your eating habits and exercise a lot and restrain yourself from what you love to eat. they will never go down unless dicipline is in use.

*♥* ♥* FaeGoddess*♥*♥*
PLEASE contact your Dr ASAP!!! Ive been diabetic for 19 years & inhaving diabetes there are going to be times your B/G may be high & I usually ONLY worry when I cant get them to come down...if you cant get your sugars down there could be numerous reasons, infection, medication needs a change, stress, A LOT of different things but they all hv on e thing in common, they need a Dr's advice & knowledge...

might wanna check out the natural way to get them to go down.. theres probably alot of foods or herbs you could be eating that could bring something like that down... put the words high blood glucose level and ( natural remedies or herbs or natural food cures) in a search engine and see what pops up

The wrong answer to this can KILL YOU!!! Why are you asking people here?

Ask your doctor what to do. Right NOW!!

Lynn M
Please contact your doctor ASAP. In the mean time take a walk this will bring it down a little bit. I have diabetes and if my levels are very high I take a walk and it lowers it. But please contact your Dr.

that happens to my mom .... she is stage one and im a nurse....you might want to consider going back to the doctor and let him know that even with you everyday meds that you glucose level is still high....you might need insulin.....bread and fruit have alot of carbs (sugar) so watch out for those do a little bit of exercise to burn up some of that sugar that helps.......and drink alot of water too.....

Get a good endocrinologist and follow his directions. You do not give your age or type of diabetes. If you are young, you should be on insulin.


You need to contact your Endo. or the nurse in his/her office, there are many factors that could be causing this like illness, Stress, and many others... But CALL the office NOW!!! If you are going into DKA do not exericise it will make you very sick!

go to you doctor now. your meds are not working and you blood sugar is still high you need to be in the emergancy room NOW!

You know you have to contact your doctor if its a high for over 6 hours right??
What I do is call the doctors office and talk to his nurse, the nurse will suggest some things based on what she knows about me, and then she talks with my doctor, he will sometimes call back with more information and we all get it solved together.
You must rely on your team! they work for you and want only what is best for you.
We all know it is scary but it is a fact of our lifes.
Good Luck

drink lots of water. also, drink black coffee, no sugar or sweetner. When my mother's sugar level gets high she drinks black coffee or water.

Joe D
Keep in mind that complex carbs will drastically affect your blood glucose levels for hours. Stuff like pasta, pizza, and bread. However, as many people here have already said, best advice to seek out an endo or internal medicine specialist to start an effective regimen of diet, medication, and excercise. They may refer you to a nutritionist and/or certified diabetes educator (CDE). Keeping your blood glucose at high levels for an extended can be very dangerous. Just don't overdo the solution and stray into the opposite hazard of low blood glucose, or insulin shock. It's definitely some balancing work. Good luck.

combination of pills is a start, if you have maximised on the pills then your doctor could consider insulin. Regardless of above and your current weight, weight loss of 10-20 lbs may help too, feel free to email me if you want to discuss the details

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