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My blood glucose level was at a 41. Should I be worried?
I just have been on a diet for almost 3 months now and lost about 40 pounds. I used to eat crap, and now I eat healthy. About 2 years ago they drew my blood and my level was at 89. That was when I was eating crap.
Additional Details
They drew my blood in the afternoon. Of course they told me not to eat anything so maybe that had something to do with it.

bernstei... !
A normal fasting blood sugar result is lower than 100 but it should be greater than 85 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood (mg/dL).
In order to know the wealth of information for people with diabetes or at risk for diabetes

Nah Z
41 is extremely low. 89 is perfectly normal.

You're probably just not eating enough to support your body- which is supported by the fact that you're losing weight a LOT faster than is healthy. Work with a nutritionalist to establish a normal and healthy diet.

If your endocrine system is working correctly you shouldn't be able to have a blood sugar that low. 41 is out of the normal range.

A lot of times diabetes is thought of as a high blood sugar disease but it's really a regulatory disease. A sugar that low most likely means you were higher sometime earlier, your body produced insulin to take care of it, but it was slow or inefficient so that by the time it got into your blood stream the sugar was already gone and you end up with a build up of insulin. To me it sounds like you might have glucose intolerance that is sort of mucking up the works.

I wouldn't worry per se but it will definitely be uncomfortable for you - a 41 should have left you shaking, sweating, dizzy, etc. If not, that's not a good sign because it means your body is used to lows and you don't feel them anymore.

Doctors sometimes don't know much about blood sugars - they just read a result on a test - so you should spend some time educating yourself on hypoglycemia and diabetes so you have the right questions to ask.

The best solution to lows is to make sure you never swing high. The definition of "healthy" eating can have a lot of interpretations. For blood sugars, it means low-glycemic - making sure your meals don't spike your blood sugar. Whole grains, no "white" carbs like rice, white flour, sugar, potatoes, always eating protein with a carb. A dieter might eat a rice cake and be happy with the calorie count. A diabetic would have to eat protein or fat with that rice cake or it would be like putting sugar in their veins.

Kelly M
check with your doctor A.S.AP.
your glucose level is too low

yes 41 is too low 89 is good . 90-100 is a good range!!!!

Since they drew your blood in the afternoon, I would ask if this was a 'fasting blood sugar' level, meaning, did you not eat anything the whole day prior to the blood draw?

If not, that would be the most probably cause for a blood sugar that low.

If you are not experiencing any symptoms of hypoglycemia, as a rule, your normal blood sugar level probably does not stay as low as it was on the day you had your blood test.

41 is really low and should have been feeling kinda dizzy, shaky, and sick. You want levels between 70 and 100 with no food for 8-10 hours, 110-125 no sooner than 2 hours after a meal, and under 180 at all times, no matter what you ate, when you ate it, or when you test. If it happens alot, i would get myself checked out because you can be on the Hypoglycemic side from being on this diet!

Who tested your blood sugar? Unless you are taking insulin, you should not worry. Contact your doctor and have a proper test done.

Lilly Z
OMG yes u should worry...u can go into a coma when ur sugar is that low

karen h
89 is very good but 40 is very bad. If it is ever 40 again drink some juice or take a piece of candy. I know as I have diabetes 2. Karen

Ok i am diabetic so i know alot about blood sugars and things like that.. first off. my counts should be in a range from 120-80 ... but sometimes you go a little low if i take too much insulin. If you are low take a hand ful of rasins or a yogurt and then you should be back to normal in about 15 minutes. since you dont have diabetes and dont have a tester.. you are probaly low if you feel like you are gonna pass out (or atleast i do) and if you are too high you feel like you are going to throw up.... hope i helped..and good luck

that's a low number......your hypoglycemic if not treated right away lead to shock

Foghorn Leghorn
Yes, I would be worried that my glucose meter is defective, or that I didn't get a good sample. You would most definitely have very noticeable symptoms below fifty... if you could function at all. I can tell when I'm low below 70. Below 60, I'm hyper as all get out. I don't think many folks are conscious below fifty.

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