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My Dad is a Diabetic?
My Dad is a Diabetic, is it ok for him to eat deer meat?
Do you know of any good websites about what kinds of food he should be eating or not be eating.

meat of any kind is a protein not a carb. The fat content is what you need to look at for meat and deer (vineson) is low in fat

if your Dad is a diabetic then he should avois things with sugar amy meat douse not have sugar so he is OK th eat it look on a diabetic web page

Mark T
Deer meat - (venison) - should be fine - and with most diabetics, if they keep a check on their sugar, they can have most food they like IN MODERATION.

As for websites. there are thousands. Try googling for the following:

diabetes recipe food
diabetic food healthy
diabetic snacks

julie b
Check out the American Diabetes web site at www.diabetes.org for a complete diet suggestions and tips for maintaining an optimum blood glucose level...though the deer meat question may be a bit harder to find an answer to...maybe ask his endocrinologist?

Southern Belle
Hey, im a diabetic (have been all my life) and eating meat is fine, its carbohydrates and sugary foods that you have to be especially careful with. The only thing you really need to bare in mind with deer meat is that iuts fatty which can be bad for cholesterol.

These websites seems fairly helpful:



I know how tricky eating with this disorder is so good luck!

Meat is great for your dad even deer meat. He needs to eat 3 meals a day with a protein based snack at mid morning, mid afternoon and before bed every day to try to keep his blood sugar level. He should be eating less carbs at meals as carbs turn directly into glucose causing his blood sugar to rise. You can find lots of good info at that American Diabetes Association website but ultimately you dads doctor should have sent him to the dietician to discuss what he should and shouldn't be eating.

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