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 What is the latest cure to diabetes 2?

 Can you drink a diet coke when the doctor has told you to fast before labwork is to be done?
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I ask this because I think I may be borderline diabetic....

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 Does over intake of sweet in young age lead to diabetes?

 What are symptoms of diabetes?

 Is it ok to have sugar free in place of sugar without doctor priscription and without any history of diabetes?

 I have type 2 diabetes...how often should i check my blood sugar levels...my Dr.says 1 x day i take 3shots day
like i was saying i take 3 shots a day..i've been told that i should test my sugar level before each meal..which is when i take an insulin shot if needed......

 Can a diabetic use a lots of spices and Herb's on food.?

 How we can control high blood suger?

 If diabetes runs in the family,..?
and you have diabetes when you are older.
Does that mean you were born with diabetes?...

 Can this be good for a diabetic?
My father used to be a "diet controlled" diabetic, but after readings consistently over 300 his doctor has put him on insulin. He never did actually control his diet and he still doesn'...

 My doctor did a blood test and it said i didn't have diabetes so what now?
my symptoms really dizzy to the point where i throw up or pass out / nearly pass out really really hungry and if i don't it every 1/2 an hour i feel sick the doctor just did a normal blood test ...

 How do you know you have diabetes?
i dont get how you can know cuz dont they ususally find out you have it when you go in for a regular doctor visit? and wouldnt that be really dangerous to not know?...

 What alcohol drink is best for a diabetic male?

 Do I have symtoms of diabetes?
I believe I might have a case of diabetes. My parents disagree, but I would really like to be tested for it.

I was born with a very high metabolism, and I do not take in any carbohydrates....

 Could i be diabetic?
my blood sugar levels go high quite often , like i was in hospital b4 because i have asthma n they just did a routine blood sugar test on me and my levels where 17.9! n they stayed high for a couple ...

 Is it true that all persons with insulin depedent diabetes receive daily insulin injections?

 I get a headache every time I eat fruit . Could I be diabetic?
This is a fairly new thing. I have struggled with headaches my whole life but never been able to figure out what they are connected to. A website made me think I could be hypoglycemic because I also ...

 I just got a test of diabetes and im positive what should i do ?
i just took a test in the morning and i used clinistix, and the results was positive . im 17 years old and i live bymyself so im not sure wot i have to do , should trust this product? or go and buy ...

Is whole wheat bread good for people who are diabetics?

john n
The short answer is no. Bread is classified as a charbohydrate. Charbohydrates become sugars when processed by the body, and therefore should be avoided or consumed only in small quantity.
Whole wheat bread is healthier for you than white bread so it is the lesser of two evils, but not recommended. You should see a dietician to get reliable food info.

richi a
the enzime in ur mouth canges carbohydrates into glucosa (sweet ).so will be same

Some very good answers here. You do not have to avoid bread completely, but must limit intake. And definitely go with a sugar free bread and with a whole grain bread. Remember that diabetes is a very manageable disease. Watch your diet and get exercise. Avoid alcohol and if you must eat something sweet stick with fruits. And please, please keep tabs on your blood sugar. It makes all the difference in the world.

check with your doctor.

i read on the internet that whole wheat, whole grains (brown rice, and others) are complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are high in fiber unlike the simple carbs (ex. white bread and white rice) And because complex carbs are slowly digested, it will keep your blood sugar from spiking.

I agree with the people who said no. I think the only type of bread that my be suitable for diabetics are whole grain bread.

multi grain bread and brown bread is the best for diabetics, also brown rice.

yah; more protein. better for anybody. not just diabetics.

Very good. It contains more minerals and fiber than the polished bread.

Jerry C

The carbohydrate content is the only concern for a diabetic. Whole wheat bread does not differ from white bread in this and has a higher roughic content. Now with the addives put in white bread there is not much difference in vitamens.

Shaquilla N
no because it turns into sugar once it's broken down

Whole wheat bread is good, check the label, you are looking for high fiber and low sugar. There are many names for sugar in labels: sucrose, fructose, Dextrose, glucose,maltose,lactose. Diabetics need to stay away from those. A normal healthy person should not consume more than 40 grams per day.
Here is a website how to manage diabetes...

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