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 What and how do you use an insulin pump for a diabetic?

 If someone is taking gulocophage and wont eat how can you keep the blood sugar from getting too low?

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 What else could it be?
Okay, Im a but freaked out. My sister had to go to the hospital because of her blood sugar level was 22. And she has bad stomache aches and nausea. They think it might be diabetes. She just turned 12....

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Is it true that the organs get to rest & put poison ...

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not like anything too specific but like what helps.
or what are limitations of people who have diabetes?
and is the life expectancy shorter for someone with diabetes ?...

 How do i get my a1c lower before october 18th?
im diabetic and i need a lower a1c. its 7.8 right now which i heard wasnt BAD but still.
and my doctor appt. is oct 18th.

oh and btw, i LOVEEEEEE sugar!!!!
i ...

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 Inhaled insulin. Should I try it?
I saw a commercial on TV advertising free medicine and doctors visits for being part of a study on insulin inhalers. Is anyone currently part of this? I am type 1 and have no health insurance so I...

 Simplest Test for Any types of Diabetes?
Is urinalysis test with negative glucose the simplest way to detect if you dont have any types of diabetes?? My aunts have diabetes and most of them have been amputated and have died already. :(( T...

 In what way does eccessive sugar affects diabetes?
I know that eating too much sugar gives rise to diabetes. But why ? I am 70 years old, my blood sugar levels are about 111 - 112 and my friend says that eating sugar will deplete my insuline ...

 My husband is addicted to chocolate. I'm not kidding. It is killing him. He is over weight & a diabetic.?
He has had heart problems and pancreatic cancer. He won't stop eating tons of chocolate daily. He even sneaks it or steals it from me. He needs help or it will kill him. We have gone to a ...

 My hairs falling out, could i be getting sick or something?
im a 14 yr old girl, i have type one diabetes and an average A1C, and i doubt that would have anything to do with it
but i knoticed tonight after washing my hair, im loosing alot of it.

 I weigh between 310 and 320, am 22, and am 6'1". How at risk for diabetes would you say I am?
Type II diabetes for those who would ask what type....

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 My siatic nerve has been hurting in my pelvic area for years,how can i get it to stop hurting?

 Please comment Are these levels normal for blood sugars please!?
i have been checking my blood sugar levels as im a little worried about getting diabetes as ive had it when i was pregnant

fasting 1hour after eating<...

 Whats the best evening snack for someone with diabetes?
I am pregnant as well so I am doing my best to keep my levels balanced. I have been having issues with it going to low. So I need a good night time snack. I tend to eat dinner at/around 5pm so I need ...

Mdonz I
Is pineapple good for diabetic person?

Hi friend

Visit the website


for more details.

I would think fresh pineapple is very good if eaten in moderation. Be careful of canned pineapple because there are usually added sugars. If you do get it in a can, make sure it says no sugar added on the label.

Calli S
if ur type 2 then ok. but type 1 ur sugar will go hight(depnding what it is - 80-to 120 ) if it is above that then no pineapple is all sugar.

Aqua M
Pineapple contains a proteolytic enzyme Bromelain, which are enzymes. Enzymes are similar to insulin, and will break down foods, especially protien.
Pineapples also contain fructose, a natural suger that is very easily digestible.

here is the info about correct diabetic diet intake, take a look...

Pineapple is a very sugary fruit, and although diabetics can have some in moderation, don't overdue it.

In addition to the above answers, pineapple is acidic which can cause your oral medications to react differently than what you and the doctor expect. Grapefruit and oranges do this also.

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