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 As a Diabetic, which exercise for cholesterol control- cycling or walking?
My fasting suger = 150 mg/dl
pp suger =255 mg/dl
Serum cholesterol =514 mg/dl
HDL cholesterol = 26 mg/dl
HbA1C = 7.1 %...

 If my mom had diabetes, what is the chance, (%), that I could get it too?
(I was told by my family that a doctor had checked for it when I was 3 or 4 and I didn't have it). Is there a chance I could get it when I grow older?? :0
^o_o^ <kitty says thanks for ...

 Signs of Diabetes??? If you have knowledge in this category please read.?
Ok, so I was watching that show Scrubs, (and YES i know its just a tv show, BUT) one of the the claims they make on that show is that the symptoms of diabetes are fatigue, wieght loss, and frequent ...

 Which finger gives the lowest blood sugar readings?
No good giving me examples of blood sugar readings unless you are in Australia. We have a different system to the US and I don't know how to convert. I read that in the US 74 is a low reading, ...

 What should I do.......?
My friend has symptoms of Diabetes. She won't go to the doctor cause she's afraid of what they may tell her. She has increased urination and thirst. Her stomach hurts especially when she ...

 How to control sugar levels?

 Hyperglycemia vs. Diabetes?
I have been incredibly tired for the past 6 years or so and was diagnosed with chronic Epstein Barr Virus, but was told there wasn't much I could do about it. Now I am wondering if my fatigue ...

 Has a cure for neuropathy been discovered?

 Diabetic with sickness and loose bowels can they go on boiled water for 24 hrs?

 I have dibetes and take meds fo it but syill having trouble with b.s.l's need fresh ideas?
I eat the right foods and exercise but to no ...

 Please help anyone pleaseee its a diabetes question pleaseee?
feel like i have no energy, just like 2 days ago i felt like i needed to pee alot more frequently, i only wear glasses for far away things, but my eye sight has been getting alot poorer lately, i use ...

 Is this bad for my body at all?
So I was just diagnosed in December 2007 with type 1

For probably the past 3 weeks I've been experimenting with low carb. I only have bread carbs in the morning, two pieces of ...

 Does anybody use an insulin pump? Is it expensive?

 ...Does this mean I'm Diabetic?
Recently, I have started peeing alot and feeling more tired (I can't help falling asleep in school, in the car, whenever I sit down). Anyone know what this means? I think I may be Diabetic, but I...

 My blood sugar is at 4.7 is this bad?

 How to give up on alcohol drink ?

 What is meant by tingling numbness?
What is meant by tingling numbness in the legs, a person with celiac disease may have this problem, can you please explain to me, what is meant by tingling numbness in the legs,

Thanks ...

 Do i have diabetes? how can you tell if i have it?
ok well first of all, i am a teen. andfor the past week, i have been excessively thirsty!! and hungry too. (but wayyy more thirsty). and this may sound weird, but i have also been needing to go to ...

 Why do companies discriminate against people who have diabetes?
when it is under ...

 When i go on bike rides will it help loose sugar?
when i go on bike rides will it help loose sugar? or like sweat or pee it or it out?...

Is it possible to tell if someone is diabetic just by looking at them?
If so, how?

no. diabetics are just like normal people. you will only know if you asked them. just to add, the common signs of diabetes are frequent urination, excessive thirst and frequent hunger.

No you cannot most. Most don't even know they have it until diagnosed through blood tests.

arrr no its not like we have a missing limb or something like that, you wudn't know if someone had diabeties.....did u know that hallie berri is a diabetic??

I'm married to a diabetic and no i cant tell by looking at her


Yes and no. There are some skin conditions that are common in untreated diabetes that a great doctor can see which will lead them to order the appropriate tests to confirm their suspicions. I am in the middle of this myself and am awaiting blood test results right now.

It could be...

If you should happen to notice a medic alert bracelet and be able to read what it says...

Maybe you will recognize an insulin pump that is clipped to a person's waistband...

You see someone take a shot of insulin or check their sugar...

Can you tell by just a brief glance...nothing more than you would give a stranger on the street...no...why would you?

And what does it matter?

Type 1 diabetic, insulin pump user

Being diabetic does not give you a certain look that would tell you that the person is or is not diabetic. I am type 1 diabetic and if you seen me you would never be able to tell that I have the disease. I do everything that anyone else would do in normal life.

No it isn't. We (well most of us) are perfectly normal looking!

Mr. Peachy®
Absolutely not. I'm thin and fit. My skin texture, eyes, hair... everything is completely normal. The only way you could ever tell is by watching them very closely to see how they eat. Even then, it would be difficult as they eat the same as anyone who is into good health. You won't see a diabetic pigging out on frosted cake or doughnuts, however.

If you caught them taking their medication, though, that might give it away. Some diabetics might wear a medic alert bracelet, also. With me, you would never know unless you asked. In which case, I would be happy to tell you I'm diabetic. We're no different than anyone else except our blood sugar can be difficult to manage at times.

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