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Is diet soda really worse for a diabetic than regular soda?
My brother is trying to convince me that diabetics should not drink diet soda and it is better to drink regular soda because there is something in the diet soda that is poisonous to diabetics. Wouldnt you have to drink very large quantities of it for it to have side effects for diabetics and people who are not?

Your brother is correct. Most iet drinks contain Aspartame. It turns into formaldahyde in your liver. Highly toxic.

The only reason it's allowed to be sold is that Monsanto corrupted the FDA and had their own ex-employees on the review panel.

Don't beleive their literature - listen to the hundresds of thousands of testimonials worldwide of people who have been debilitated by the highly lethal Nutrasweet

Soda is bad for you point blank whether it is diet or not. Diet soda actually has ingredients that your body basically turns to Formaldehyde! Pure poison. You should avoid any drinks with High Fructose Corn Syrup and especially so if you are diabetic!

plaid princess
the diet pops have sugar substitute, which is just chemicals, that help your body store fats and sugars more than digesting them. but it can also be the other way around too.

Jamisha R
Not true. It is better to drink diet pop than regular. Because diet pop doesn't have as much of sugar and chemicals that could kill u if you were diabetic and drink ed regular. Regular pop for diabetics can kill you. Because regular has a ton of sugar and chemicals that make you have high blood pressure. So i say no regular pop is not better than diet for diabetics.

Are you guys (the other responders) serious? Regular soda has insane amounts of sugar, which raises both your glucose and insulin levels. The only thing a diet soda <i>might</i> raise is your insulin levels, but that's not nearly as bad as elevated glucose levels.

I know people who have been drinking diet soda for years and years, and they don't look dead to me. They don't look sickly, either. Their brains aren't sprouting cancerous tumors, and they're not developing Alzheimer's. Don't believe the hype. Just listen to your own body, and if diet soda doesn't feel right for you, don't drink it.

Definitely do NOT drink regular soda if you're a diabetic. If you're scared of the effects of soda, cut it out completely.

Your brother is incorrect about diet soda being worse than regular soda. High blood glucose, which often comes from a high-carb diet, is far more toxic to the body than anything Aspartame can do. I've been drinking tons of aspartame since I was diagnosed in 1984 (24 years ago), and no side effects. I would be so dead if there was anything wrong with aspartame!

This is from Wikipedia:

Approximately 10% of aspartame (by mass) is broken down into methanol in the small intestine. Most of the methanol is absorbed and quickly converted into Formaldehyde. Some experts/scientists believe that the metabolism of aspartame does not damage the body because: (a) the quantity of methanol produced is too small to disrupt normal physiological processes; (b) methanol and Formaldehyde are natural by-products of human metabolism and are safely processed by various enzymes; and (c) there is more methanol in some natural fruit juices and alcoholic beverages than is derived from aspartame ingestion.

And yes, the rat studies that have been performed over the years indicate a human would have to consume something like 1000 cans of soda a day to have even the least of the side effects the rats had.

book reader
My guess is it might upset their sugar level that they have to keep their eye on and it also depends on what their medical doctor has told them to do.
Water is probably the best thing for the diabetic to drink.
Talk to a medical professional if you really want to know.
(Just suggestions.)

Mr. Goodkat
The people who said diet soda will kill you are insane. They probably believe anything they hear on Fox News.


I am diabetic and I have been drinking diet soda for years. My health is fine.

First off, I have been diabetic for some 38 plus years, and have been drinking diet sodas for all of those years. While some may believe that it would be worse to drink diet soda, aspartame. A diabetic would actually be doing more harm to themselves by drinking regular sodas. Each 12 ounce can of regular soda has anywhere from 40 to 50 grams of carbohydrates, which is all sugar. Which in turn will raise the diabetics blood sugar. Over time high blood sugars, will do more harm to diabetics, such as kidney disease, neuropathy (nerve damage), retinopathy ( bleeding of blood vessels in the eyes leading to blindness), or amputation of legs.

I have heard people for years that prior aspartame, that saccharine and prior to that was cyclamates caused cancer in laboratory rats. However, the amount of saccharine or cyclamates given to the lab rats was equivalent to 800 12 ounce cans of diet pop a day. I have yet to see anyone who could drink anywhere near 75 gallons of any fluid let alone diet pop. So the way I look at it diet soda is okay just as long as you do not give to your pet lab rat.

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