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Is blood sugar with 122 non fasting good?
i had a test the other day non fasting and the blood sugar was 122 is that good or bad
Additional Details
normal is 60-120 nonfasting or in the morning

It's not bad. Normal fasting is 80-120, but your test depends on how much you ate, what you ate, and how long it had been since you ate when you had the test.

Erin J
it is a bit high, but nothing to worry about. before i got mine under control i could go as high as 500, that's something to worry about.

it's a tad bit high, but nothing really serious. Stay away from sugary foods and fruits the night before.

A non fasting blood sugar of 122 is good from my point of view. You see, the normal range for a fasting blood sugar (FBS) is between 70 to 110, and a post-prandial blood sugar (after meals) is between 120 to 150, depending on the type of food that you eat. For a diabetic, it would be "normal" to have a post-prandial blood sugar of more than 150 or it even goes to high heavens at more than 500. So, your non fasting blood sugar of 122 is nothing to worry about. Surely, you are not a diabetic and that's good news to you.

It is a bit high, but it does depend on whether or not you had just ate or drank something that was sugary. But with that said a "normal" person should always be between 60-122 regardless of what they ate or drank (remember that glucose monitors can error typically +/- 8).

You may want to continue to test your blood on and off for a while because there is often a "honeymoon" period before diabetes fully hits a person. The honeymoon period may be you run high for a while but then seem to go back to normal and stay that way for a long while. In type I your pancreas can beginning slowly shutting down and in type II you could be becoming insulin resistant. If you are very overweight you should definitely talk to your doctor about the test results just to be safe.

That is borderline pre-diabetes if you were fasting. Keep a check on it for a couple of weeks, write down your results, and see what you are averaging. Call your doctor and let him / her know what is going on. If you haven't had bloodwork done there in awhile, you might want to go in and have that completed in the near future.

Normal range is 60-120

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