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Sarah P
Is a.m. blood level avg 191 a concern? Doc says don't have to check every day either. Does this make sense?
Am newly diagnosed Type 2. Age 77. Doc says doing fine and will check sugar every 3 months. I don't get it!

This is a very high am blood sugar level. Your fasting level should not exceed 115. Tops 120. Please do check your self at least once a day at the same time each day. You might also consider getting another medical opinion on managing your diabetes.

Normal is 100 or less. If diabetic, I think an ave. of around 115 would be optimal. Ave. meaning fasting, after meal, 1 h after meal and 2 hr. after meal.
The every three month is for a hemoglobin A1C which gives an average of diabetic control.

i would say that a bit high. especially in the mornings? my doctor told me to check mine everyday but at different times of the day. one day in the morning, next at night, so on. she had also told me to check it more often if im eating new things or if im coming down with a cold or something. im a newly diagnosed type 2 as well. the last time i saw a reading that high i was sick or ate alot of something i shouldnt have. i would go get a second opinion. maybe your meds need to be adjusted or changes need to be made to your diet. its hard to tell. are you testing two hours after a meal? what kinds of things are you eating in the mornings?

Please get a new doctor.....Now! Your blood sugar levels should be checked several times a day such as before meals. An early morning reading if you haven't eaten yet of 191 is cause for concern. 95 to about 120 is a safe range. Please change doctors. You may feel a lot better if you do.

get another doctor. seriously. it's your life. how dare h?

Blood sugar is sorta like blood pressure. Anything much over 130 is cause for concern.

Get yourself a new doc.

You didn't say if this was a fasting reading or not, but if this is a fasing reading, then I would be concerned.

I f you are concerned I would go to another doctor and get a second opinion.

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