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Layla N
Is a fasting blood sugar of 109 considered too high?
No history of diabetes on either side of my family, but several times a year just for the heck of it, I used my mother-in-law's testing strips and test myself, as does my husband. Usually my fasting is in the 80s, consistently, and has been for many years, until now. Should I be looking at eating more sugar-free items? The only time I've been over 100 is when I have just gotten finished eating; this is the first time I've tested over 100 fasting. Am I overreacting?

Additional Details: My supervisor's assistant did not know she had diabetes, fainted, went into diabetic ketoacidosis with blood sugars in the 800s, and may not be back to work for a while. This was just a couple of days ago. This has really put the scare into me, big time...

Silver Thunderbird, punkin face
IF you fasted correctly, you may consider talking with your doctor about getting a Hemoglobin a1c test done (typically very cheap), to find out what your glucose level history is. Glucose and Insulin affect your red blood cells, damaging them, depending on different levels. the HA1C test looks at your red blood cells, and depending on the health of them, will tell the doctors what your average blood gluclose level is over the past 3 months. there are tons of ways to 'incorrectly fast', such as thinking that just becuase you didn't eat breakfast and you didn't eat thru the night, that you can test at 10 and call it a fasting test... not necessarily. My gluclose levels are always higher first thing in the morning, becuase we typically eat dinner between 7 and 8 pm, and go to bed around 10. there is still undigested food in your system, which your body works on thru the night, and with no activity, your body holds onto those sugars.

Also, just 'testing' your sugars can be VERY inaccurate when it comes to diagnosing... your sugar count can change by the second... try taking your test 3 or 4 times in a row, with a different finger poked each test. they will all be different. and they may rage from somewhere aroud 5 to 20 points off each time. Not to mention, that every meter is different as well... 120 for your meter may be 90 for mine.... meters are just a guidleine for personal use, NOT difinitive by any means...

IF you really want to monitor your sugars, go to walmart and buy the RELION Ultima tester and strips. the tester runs below 15 bucks, and the strips are usually around 20 for 50 of them. lancets are about 2 bucks for a box of 100. I tell you this, because typically, test strips alone from other compaies are between 50 and 100 dollars for a months' worth of strips (that's thirty, dear). I worried that the monitor would'nt be as high of a quality, so i took it to my doctor to check it out, and she was very jealous. ;) I have it tested every time i go in, and it's always very good. Test before you eat, and an hour after you eat, and look for spikes in the numbers. high sugar foods should always be avoided, diabetic or not, but it is a good way to find out...

Have you been feeling off lately? lack of energy after you eat? sleepy in the middle of the day? or, alternately, when you're hungry do you ever get jittery? shakey? ever feel like you're going to pass out? If you answered yes to any of them, it's best to get that HA1C test as soon as you can. ;)

Good luck, dear. hope everything works out for you!

richard b
I've checked a lot of normal people's blood glucose on my machine which I believe to be relatively accurate.. If you see the container in which the strips come in it has printed on the vial norms for checking your machine.. the range that you check the accuracy is quite wide for the high and low ranges.. High with their solution for high ranges from 255 to 345.. That is 90 points their low solution is 25 to 55.. that is 30. There is at least 10% variance on out glucose checkers... sometimes I may get a high reading and then recheck my blood sugars maybe a person has been drinking a regular pepsi.. At 109 +or _10% would be 119 or 99.. To be absolutely sure have your blood sugar done at a lab. Other's diabetic woes may touch your heart but one must wait till you are diagnosed.. It may help you to eat a little healthier and a little less sugar in your diet, and more exercise should do the trick for right now...

No, it's fine. Too high is above 120.

lisa b
I am a parent of a 7yr old Type 1 diabetic - 109 is well within the healthy range for a non diabetic person (perfect in fact) you should not be worried! Enjoy your health and look after yourself! I hope this helps to ease your mind.

Generally, the upper accepted limit of "normal" for a Blood Glucose is in the 110 to 115 mg/dL range.
Your "normal" level may be closer to 80 mg/dL rather than 110 mg/dL. Its difficult to say without some history to refer to.

Remember that many conditions affect the glucometer reading that you got. Not only your fasting state, but also if the test was performed correctly (sure they're easy to do, but there are still potential sources of error), whether the meter was properly calibrated and if the specimen was optimal or not so good.

This is the big danger of interpreting test results without other supporting information.

Are you overreacting? Maybe. Don't stress about 1 test result.....its just that...1 test result.

But you've asked, and are considering, the bigger picture regarding your overall health -- That's the right reaction.

Should you be looking at eating more low sugar or sugar-free items? Absolutely! Your body makes glucose (blood sugar), you don't have to eat it. There is no minimum daily requirement.

If you're level of concern remains high, consider scheduling a full physical with your doctor.

Your supervisors assistant may not have "known" they had a high blood sugar, but I guarantee you that they felt awful for days or even weeks prior to this event.
Your body tries to let you know that somethings wrong.

This assistant just didn't know what it was, passed it off as something else and did not get a doctor's opinion.

Don't let someone else's events drive you into a tizzy, but do use that event to make you more aware about your body and lifestyle. We all need to make positive changes in some way or another.

Maybe this is your starting point??


Monica's answer has the correct numbers. Taken in isolation, a reading of 109 would be in the prediabetic range. But you also have to take into consideration that this is the first questionable result you've had after years of good numbers. That makes it more probable that the reading is simply out of sync with your long term good health. That could happen for a number of reasons. Did you really fast for 12 hours before testing? Were you ill? Were you under stress? All of those factors could cause unexplained swings in your blood glucose.

As many of the answers suggest, you should continue to test periodically. Most likely the next reading will go back down. Only if the long term trend is above 100 should you be concerned.

First of all, I can't believe how many inaccurate answers you've received so far. Especially your most recent one, which is supposedly from a medical professional. The range he gave you for the upper limit of normal is wrong.

Normal fasting blood glucose is below 100 mg/dl. A person with pre-diabetes has a fasting blood glucose level between 100 and 125 mg/dl. If the blood glucose level rises to 126 mg/dl or above, a person has diabetes.

The above paragraph was taken from the ADA website here:


Which means, if you took your blood sugar correctly, that means you have pre diabetes.

It strikes me as odd that your fasting blood sugar would suddenly jump from 80 to 109 like that in such a short time. I believe it usually progresses a little more slowly.

What you should do is take your blood sugar again. If you really have to squeeze your fingertip to get blood for the test, that may be enough to make your reading higher than it really is. Or maybe you had a trace of sugar on your fingers? Or maybe it was a bad strip. Sometimes it's just one of those things.

Or ... you can go for a much more accurate test at your doctor's office. They will take some blood and send it to the lab.

You shouldn't worry too much about going into ketoacidosis. Anyone whose blood sugars are that high will know there is something wrong. She had to have been peeing constantly, drinking fluids like crazy ... she would have been constantly hungry and eating lots, but losing weight. And when she started developing the ketoacidosis, she must have been having strong flu like symptoms. She must have been feeling really ill. If you're watching for the symptoms of diabetes, there's no way something that serious can sneak up on you. And you're obviously watching.

Keep an eye on yourself and keep testing. This is not out of normal range but if it runs in your family you are going to want to watch yourself. And be careful of all of those "sugar free" foods... they can have sugar alcohols and other ingredients that are worse for you than regular sugar....

The reading of 109 is ok. Just keep track of it from time to time. Stress and illness can also give a higher reading. What your boss went through will definately make you look at your own health more closely. Many undiagnosed diabetics actually do not have symptoms. This is the case with 16% of people that develop diabetes. I think we all need some kind of scare like that from time to time because we tend to let our health go on the back burner sometimes unless we have a problem that we are actually aware of. Your reading was not too bad. Check it again and if it stays up, see your doctor to make sure you don't have diabetes. Many diabetics are going too low with a reading of 80 to 90. Every one is different. What is normal for one person is not normal for another. If I have a reading of 80, I need carbs.

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