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Is a blood sugar level of 122 bad?
My ex-husband just got one of those machines that check your blood sugar level. I was helping him figure out how to use it. & He asked me to do mine just to make sure. I thought whatever, so I did. It read 122. He got all upset. I said you know I haven't eaten since last night, so the number is probably wrong. He thinks I should make an appt. with my dr right away. Is that bad or good?


no your fine but if you have not eaten that is not good either.... blood sugar is ok until you reach in the high 100's.....

Actually that is normal.
Range from before-meal glucose levels of 90 to 130 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL); after-meal values of less than 180 mg/dL. Values can vary depending on physical activity, meals, and insulin administration. Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories.
The instructions to the machine should have given you the proper readings as well.
If you are worried about it go and get checked it won't hurt.

122 is right on for an overnight fasting blood sugar. I would be concerned though if it was that number and you took your blood sugar mid afternoon or evening after not eating for that long. By that time, your sugar level should have dropped to around 100 or lower. You didnt tell us exactly how many hours you went without eating until the test and if it is less than 12 hours, the number means nothing. Also, what was your last meal? Lots of carbs and sugars? No rush to the doctor, but next time you go in for a check up have him run a legitimate fasting blood sugar done by a lab.

It's higher than it should be. The number is borderline diabetic and can probably be controlled by diet and exercise. Don't panic; but do see a doctor to have a fasting blood sugar done at the lab.

You ex husband is an idiot.

Don't waste your time and money at the doctor. You are perfectly normal, blood sugar-wise.

Now, for listening to you ex-husband, you are Abby Normal.

you should get checked by your physician....a normal blood sugar is supposed to be 80-120...but since you havent eaten your blood sugar should have been less than 100 to be normal....its called fasting blood sugar......so you really should probably get checked out just to be sure that your not at risk for diabetes.......

carpet guy
I have been a diabetic for 22 years and just found this website about 3months ago. This is a great website for diabetics.

Its not suppose to be over 110...... If you went to a Doctor and you had a 122 you would be told you have diabetes... Same thing happened to me and it scared me.. I immediately stopped drinking soda with sugar or anything with sugar. I switched to splenda and I noticed I started feeling better. The next time I checked a month later it was was down to 90 which is more normal. However, I will probably get diabetes in my life because it runs in my family... Try what I did or else go to the Doctor. With you fasting for a whole day your numbers should have been lower than 122.... You are getting in the danger zone so have it checked

I do what I want..
Well a normal blood sugar is 70-100. But 122 is nothing to go nuts about. Check it again first thing in the morning and if it is still high than yeah you should probably report your findings to you doc.

No, that's fine. I'm pretty sure normal is 70-150.

A level of 126 or higher two times in a roll not good. Let your doctor make that decision, your doctor will have to check you A1C levels to see where your blood sugar levels have been in the past 2 or 3 months, this is fasting glucose.

122 is not bad. I was a caregiver at a home and had to do 8 tests a day. It's okay, trust me. Also, my grandfather has diabetes, and my grandmother had hypoglycemia.

laura m
FSBS (finger stick blood sugar) normal ranges are about 80-120, if you haven't eaten anything at all today (no candy, no gum, no drinks) then you might want to let your MD know about it, otherwise check it again in about an hour, signs to watch for of hyperglycemia are sweating, blurred vision, syncope, most diabetics don't even get concerned about their blood sugar until it is over 200, hope it helps

If you are fasting it is not very good 69 to 100 is the new limits it used to be 69 to 120 but like blood pressure it has been lowered to

122 isn't too bad. It shows that you could get diabetes if you don't watch your food intake. Ask you doctor if you can take an A1c blood test for diabetes. It is a long range blood test and is more accurate that the ordinary fasting test. Many doctors use both tests some use only the A1c test. My doctor now uses only the A1c test. Any number below 6.5 is still not too bad. Kinda borderline. Some say that 7 is about as high as you can go without having diabetes. I am trying to get mine down to 5- 5.5

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