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Is a blood sugar level at 88 after eating candy low?

also depends on how long you waited after eating the candy to test your blood sugars.

Susan P
88 is within the normal range. However this is not the best time to test your blood sugar. You should test it first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. This will give you a more accurate idea of what your blood sugar runs. 60-120 is usually considered within normal range. You might test for several days to get a good average.

Yes, that is pretty low. Not dangerously low, but it makes me wonder, what was your blood sugar BEFORE eating the candy? Perhaps you should see your doctor.

Not if it was an hour or so after. The value is not in the hypoglycemic range. If you did not feel faint after eating it, you are all right.

That is within the normal range. If you aren't diabetic or hypoglycemic your blood sugar should be about the same all the time even after eating. Different labs have different normal ranges but usually 80-120 is considered within normal range.

I Think it should be a little higher....not that low....maybe it depends on how much candy you ate.....but it's good news
Best wishes and good luck


saleem q
Yes a blood sugar level 88 after eating a candy is low. Sugar level after eating candy or any food item should be between 100 and 140.

yes, shouldn't it be higher than the normal 100 after eating sugar?

Katrina M
Depends on the kind of candy and the length of time between eating and checking!

Chocolate takes longer to absorb, gummies take shorter to absorb!

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