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 How do my numbers look - diabetes?
I know you should have your glucose numbers in a certain range. I know mine are not high, but there are so many different tests and such, I'm not sure if they are normal. I tested myself a few ...

 How To controll Diabetes?
My bf is 14 and diabetic, he's been diagnosed since may this year. i wasn't with him until begging of July, so I don't know how he controlled it then, but recently he's had blood ...

 If you drink your own blood does it go back into your blood stream?

 I have no sugar in my urine?
i went to the doctor and had a urine test done and there is no sugar in it does that mean i do not have diabetes all the doc said is no sugar but im being sent for blood work for glucose and ...

 Can a diabetic have a normal blood sugar level like a non-diabetic person>?
If a diabetic, who is not on medicine, but is doing exercise and a non-diabetic person eat the same time, same food with carbohydrates, can they be both have same blood sugar level when they both ...

 Type 2 diabetes..pump user, issues with irregular blood sugars..?
Ok, bare with me. My fiance is a type 2 pump user. She is in very good shape/ health. Not heavy, not a junk food eater. However. She has alot of problems keeping her levels "stable" She is ...

 I have hypoglycemia...?
and my doctor told me no more sugar. What foods can I eat?...

 Diabetes question?
i think i may have diabetes and i dont have money to go the doctor to get my blood tested. Blood Glucose Monitor....will this ...

 What happens if diabetes is not treated?
I need a website for the information for that....

 Is It Possible to cure diabetes?

 My blood sugar was 150 before i ate afterwards 360 what in the world i have tye 2 diabetes?

 What should be the ideal sugar level in blood for diabetes patient?
And what will be the effect if sugar level is slightly higher?
Additional Details
If sugar level is 20% higher than the prescribed level (around 140 for both fasting and post meal) what ...

 Glucose Monitors?
Please help me find a reliable glucose monitor. Currently I'am using Ultra touch freedom
but get this really low readings that are in my opinion unreliable, due to lack of the usual

 My brother has recently been diagnosed with cerabellum ataxia..we know that he will be in a wheelchair soon,?
but could you tell me if it affects your reflexes,as he doesnt put his arms out to save himself when he loses his balance, im so worried about him as he lives alone, and never likes to accept help, ...

 Is any body here a diabeteic and if yes when were u diagnosed?

 Do you think I am taking to many medicines for having type 2 diabetes?
I am taking metaformin three times a day before each meal, and actos once a day. 500mgs for the metaformin and 30mgs for the actos....

 What happens if you smoke sugar?
What happens if you smoke sugar?
my friend told it does'nt do anything harmful
Is this true?

Just to know
i am a straight A student and I play football
and I would ...

 Are leg cramps a sign of Diabetes?
Wondering if this was true? Or what the cause of leg cramps is....

 Happy Halloween Diabetics?
Everywhere I turn there's another bowl of glucose rising treats. So my question is what do my fellow diabetics do in such a situation? Do you have super extreme willpower and pass up the tasty ...

 How do i tell if i have pre-diabetes or diabetes?

Is 91 OK for blood sugar 2 hours after eating breakfast???

♥ terry g ♥
That's GREAT!

90 to 110 is a healthy blood sugar.

Emu Non Grata V1.5
That's great. Are you worried???

I wish I could function with mine that low.

Friday, for no apparent reason other than eating a large steak and a large bake potato with sour cream and all that good crap AND sour dough loaf, Mine was at 240 for over an hour...I decided to take a nap after my meds. LOL

You should now walk around with a smile of satisfaction for the morning. If you are currently diabetic. You have done well for this meal.

Best Wishes.

90-120 is normal blood sugar levels, with 180 max after eating. I get shaky when mine falls below 90 and I know it's time to eat something.

ahh the pleasures of having a working pancreas.
91 is great for two hours after breakfast.

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