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 Can someone with diabetes get on disability?

 My friend is diabetic and wants to quite smoking she smokes 30 a day and she wants to try zyban ?
my friend is diabetic and wants to try zyban caqn anyone help as she want to know if it is safe with ...

 Is it true that Splenda can give you cancer?
I remember hearing this about Equal but now I am not sure wether I should keep taking sugar free products. Being a diabetic I was trying to eat less sugar but no way do I want to risk getting cancer. ...

 What should I do MY mom has type 2 suger stuff and I just took it and all it would say is high?
anyone with any ...

 What to do if your blood suger is to low or high?
when is blood suger to low or to ...

 Wots a safe level for blood sugars during the night?
6.6 is a safe level for my daughter 2 go 2 sleep but if i take her blood in the middle of the night and her sugar level is 4.0 then should i wake her and give her something 2 drink and eat or should ...

 What are these symptoms? Diabetes?
I have attacks- I get real hot in the face and and start feeling funny, then my heart starts to race and I get sweaty palms. I am a anemic, are these attacks the same as sugar? I usually go and eat ...

 If someone with diabetes drinks alcohal, would there be any negitive affects?

 I heard just eating raw vegetables for a month cures diabetes?
Is it true?...

 Hi this mite sound silly but if you have diabetes does it reatrict any beauty treatments you can have?

 I use accuchek aviva glucometer. with correct strips it gives error message.need advice?
strips are proper and of valid date, the error message comes with photo of the strip at the bottom without the drop .earlier it gave correct ...

 What do police test for in blood and urine tests?

Additional Details
Do they test for benzos?...

 I'm not even sure I have diabetes. What are the tests?
Yeah, I have a relative from two previous generations that had the disease, but I'm rather fit and stuff and it hasn't shown up before. Though my eating habits can be better, what should I ...

 Does the sugar SLPENDA actually make u......?
blind??? someone in my class said that the sugar splenda can make u blind and can also cause cancer...is it true???...

 Could I have diabetes?
Okay I'm always tired, always hungry, and always thirsty. I think I eat healthy.... well... I do eat a ton of processed foods and snacks and oreo's.... But I urinate a lot... And I'm ...

 What is diabetic?

 How do you spell the type of doctor for a patient with diabetes that sounds like en-uh-crin-ologist?

 Where can i get a Free glucose meter and not join one of these diabetic clubs that you have to have medicare?
and i have no insurance .its for my husband.
Additional Details
My husband is 27!!!!!...

 What happens when youre diabetic and you have sugar?
i need to know what happens when youre diabetic and you have sugar for a paper thats due monday.. Thanx :]
Additional Details
i mean like what happens to your body? do you have any kind ...

 Fruit Sugar!?
Can u tell me if Fruit Sugar is good for Diabetics? Can people with Diabetic eat or drink some thing contains this kind of Sugar?...

Is 208 high for glucose blood?
i tested my sugar level and it said 208 and i was wondering if that was normal or high or low

bryansba !
i think you are talking about Random test. A normal random blood sugar level hasn't been clearly defined. However, even if you've recently eaten and your blood sugar level is at its peak, your random blood sugar level shouldn't be higher than 200 mg/dL.
In order to know the wealth of information for people with diabetes or at risk for diabetes

Nah Z
See your doctor extremely urgently. I do mean 'call in the morning and harass them for an emergency appointment.'

140 and above is where real damage begins, when maintained over long periods of time. 200 or above, in lack of major infection or steroid use, is almost always a clear-cut diagnosis of diabetes.

Test frequently until you can see a doctor. If you ever read above 400, get someone to drive you to the ER or dial 911.

Timothy C
It is high. Normal is like 100-120.

thats high but not crazy high you should take some meds or insulin

if you dont have see a doctor

It is high. You need to go to the doctor and get it checked out.

Normal is below 110....

Yes that is very high. any higher and you probably would have some type of acidosis and would be in the hospital.

I hope they put you on insulin or restrict your diet. Diabetes is not a fun thing, causes nerve damage, organ failure, pressure sores, blindness...

hecla 1
high....normal 70-100

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