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 My blood sugar is 3.8 should i be concerned?
i had blood tested about an hour after lunch i do have a few symptoms which can be related like serious tiredness and constantly at the loo any advice would be great
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If your blood sugar skyrockets, does it make you feel funny in your head?

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could someone please tell me some symptoms of this, thanks

Tyler F
it does make you dizzy because your bloods not use to it. it also makes you weak and faint.

Yes, it can make you dizzy I believe.

Sugar fairy :]
When your blood suger is high you tend to feel queasy, urinate alot, irritated/annyoed, no appeitite, sluggish.

Ashalena Lynn
yes you may feel very strange
maybe hot and sweaty

Yes, the rush of sugar gives you a... sugar rush.

Just be careful and check your blood sugar. Diabetes could be the cause. Get yourself checked just to be safe. You may not be producing enough insulin.

hey my dad has diabetes and the symptoms are you get really angry easily and stressed out when it is high! lol

If your blood sugar is really high, then it can increase your blood pressure. This can make your head feel funny because if you increase pressure in your skull, it puts pressure on your brain (there's nowhere else for the pressure to go).

If your blood sugar is getting high enough to do that, then you really need to be taking more care with regards to controlling it. If what you're doing now to control it isn't working, then you need to talk to your doctor.

Sometimes, and most of the time it just makes me aggravated with any little thing that even might go wrong. or any one saying something that might be taken 2 ways.

It just makes me mean and nasty!

Donna B
High blood sugar can cause confusion, make you feel drowsy. If it skyrockets you can seizure. You drink alot of water as your body attempts to flush out the excess sugar, so you will pee alot which can make you profoundly dehydrated. If your awake you will be very hungry because despite your blood sugar being high, the sugar is not getting into your cells. Buy a glucometer to test your blood sugar because when your sugar rises your pancreas will produce more insulin and your blood sugar may respond by dropping too low, and you could pass out. Make sure you have a medic alert bracelet and carry some form of sugar with you at all times. I'm a type 2 diabetic. It's not dificult to manage. My last piece of advise is go to a dietician and be put on a diabetic diet. Add last, excercise to use up the excess sugar. Your Dr. may put you on medications if none of this works.

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