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 Can diabetes skip a generation?
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is it ok to use someone else's diabetes blood sugar mechanism thing to check if I have that diabetes?

I might use my dad's, we are about the same height and weight. Is it ...

 Insulin Needles?
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I recently had my big toe amputated due to diabetes and a bone infection.

Now I find my attitudes alternating between anger and depression.

I now wish I wouldn't have had ...

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I want to know if peanut butter lowers high sugar?

Peanut butter is what my daughter calls a free food cause it Barley has any carbs. I'm new to this but I thought only insulin would lower the blood sugar or exercise.

it doesnt make a difference. peanut butter doesn't have enough carbs in it to do anything at all.

Read the label on the jar of peanut butter. Are there carbs in the peanut butter? If so, what you are doing is having the exact opposite effect on her ... it is raising her blood sugar even more. To my knowledge, there is no food that can lower blood sugar levels.

My 12 year old daughter has had Type 1 diabetes for 2 years. The one thing I do know is that if she has a low blood sugar I will give her a peanut butter and crackers or sandwich. Peanut butter has protein in it and once the blood sugar raises back to to normal the protein will help maintain the normal sugar. It will not lower blood sugar at all.

Most commercially made peanut butter has sugar in it. If it is one of the "natural" peanut butters there are still carbs. No food is carb free. Everything you eat will turn to sugar. Peanut butter will not lower your sugar. Anything you eat, will raise it to a degree.

No. No food lowers high blood sugar. Only insulin, exercise, and oral diabetes medications can do that. In some cases, only insulin will work. Diet and exercise can help control diabetes over the long term, but food is not used like medicine to lower a high blood sugar reading. In fact, most foods *raise* blood sugar, with a few having a neutral effect (I.e. Celery).

As stated earlier, some brands of peanut butter are very high in carbs and sugar, and may be adding to the problem.

I am not quite sure where you learned to give peanut butter for a high blood sugar, but this women is sustaining serious damage to her organs by not having her diabetes properly cared for. If she is a Type 1 diabetic, she can even go into a coma and die from a lack of insulin.

I would suggest that anyone who cares for a diabetic should have proper training, ideally a nurse. If you are a health/home care aid, there are basic diabetes care classes for you.

I highly suggest that you look into some training, as diabetes is a very serious disease.

No... Peanut Butter does not lower blood sugar if anything it will raise it...

it has no bearing on you sugar, sorry

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