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I just found out my blood sugar was over 700. How serious is or can this be?
I've been put on insulin. I've been feeling very sluggish and tired for the last few months. How serious is this and what can I do besides taking the insulin?

jodi d
normal is 90-150 depending on your weight.

I am very surprised that you aren't in a diabetic coma from being that high. I am a type 1 and if I get around 200 I am deathly ill. My normal level is 110. Please call your doctor now. 700 is VERY serious.

700 is roughly 7 times higher than normal. That is very high and you have a very serious condition. The good news is that you can absolutely control it. You will need to test your blood sugar and take your insulin regularly. You will need to monitor what you eat. A diabetic can eat whatever he/she wants, as long as he/she accounts for it. A dietician can help you develop a meal plan. The main thing you need to keep track of is how many carbs you are eating...carbs affect your blood sugar. Be very careful with juice--it should be kept on hand to drink if your blood sugar goes too low (below 70)--otherwise, I'd just avoid it because it raises your sugar very, very quickly.

Exercise helps immensely with regulating blood sugar, as well as eating smaller, more frequent meals. The thing you want to strive for is a STABLE blood sugar, no highs or lows.

It seems overwhelming at first, but it does get easier. Read and learn all you can and YOU control diabetes--don't let it control you.

Get with your doctor asap and develop a plan to get it under control. They will probably "play with" your meds until they can figure out a good combine. It doesn't feel good, but stick it out. Be warned you'll probably feel worse before you feel better but stick with the meds.

Haha that's the same level mine was at when they found out I had diabetes. It can be very serious, but it's also very easy to get under control. Don't eat a ton of carbs or sugar and eat snacks before you exercise if you are on insulin. Your endocrinologist should send you to an educator for a day or something so you'll get the information.

Go to the emergency room NOW!

exercise helps lower it...but i dont reccomend it when your sugar is over 700...I've heard that sometimes your blood sugar can actually rise when you exercise when its high. just keep taking insulin until it comes down in a few days. when your blood sugar is that high for long periods of time a lot, you can end up with some serious complications (heart and kidney problems, amputation to name a few)

is a very serious condition, do exercise, take care of your diet and speak with your doctor about it, may be you need another kind of hypoglycemics.

David B
way bad...you need to be in the care of an endocrinologist or a family doc that does diabetes care a lot. You need to exercise, and be on a strict diet prescribed by a doc or nutritionist, and daily freqent testing.

Wow! Last night my meter said Hi! No number just high! So what you can do is refrain from eating some things and check your blood sugar before eating something sweet and eat healthy stuff you like. Grapes, Kiwi, Pineapples. Thats what I like and eat tuna to keep your system healthy.

Good lord, that is high. I am surprised you didn't pass out somewhere.

You have a lifetime disease that you will have to monitor carefully. Sorry about the bad news but there are some breakthroughs coming in a few years so life won't be as bad for you.

Whoa!!!! Very serious. Keep taking the insulin, watch your diet, count carbs and try to exercise some every day. Walking is the best exercise for a diabetic. And no wonder you are feeling sluggish. Follow the doctors orders to a T and don't try anything that someone recommends. Stay with real meds and medical help.

As others have already mentioned, a sugar of 700 is critical and you need emergency care. If you are not already at an ER, call 911 NOW. Do not wait. I don't think you realize that this is a life threatening situation.

DKA CAN KILL YOU. When your sugar gets that high, insulin and/or exercise is NOT GOING TO HELP. There are other conditions that can manifest from DKA and those can be life threatening as well.

I have treated people who have had seriously high blood sugar, as you currently do. This is an emergency situation and if you were in the back of my ambulance, we would be running lights and siren to the ER.

I strongly advise you to get your butt to an ER. Call 911. Do NOT drive yourself or have someone drive you. You need the care of trained personnel. You will need IV rehydration as well as insulin and depending on how far your condition has progressed, a night or two or more in ICU may be waiting.



This is very serious and you need to see your doctor asap and get some idea of what you should be doing to bring this down to less than 120, have your doctor recommend a diabetic dietitian to help with a diet and exercise plan. Over the next 3 months you need to bring these levels down if you wish to avoid any future complications such as blindness, loss of circulation which could lead to amputation kidney and liver problems, heart problems and many others as well.

Good luck

Yes, this is very serious. Your doctor should have given you a specific diet. This is a big life change.
refer to this site :http://www.diabetes.org/home.jsp

This is life threatening! You need to get to emergency room asap!

Honey, every time your blood glucosee is high you are damaging you body, from your eyes, heart, kidneys, and much much more! I know for I have seen my husband's glucose high many times. He has lost his feelings in his feet, he is in stage three renal failure. He has coronary artery disease and had to have a coronary stent put in, high blood pressure, bleeding behind his eyes.... etc., just because he would not stay on his diet and exercise.

With your blood glucose that high you need to see an Endocrinologist, a specialist that is trained to help people with uncontrolled diabetes.

To help get your blood sugar down, don't eat white bread or potatoes. Drink plenty of water to help flush it out through your kidneys. Walk , walk, walk. The walking will help you burn calories and will help bring your blood sugar down.

Please get help soon! diabetes is a deadly disease, if it is uncontrolled!

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