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 Im wondering about diabetis.Could someone die from very HIGH blood sugars as apossed to a real low sugars?
I know you can die if your blood sugars get extremly low.But can you possibly die as well from real high blood sugars?...

 Could I be a diabetic?
I've never had a fasting blood glucose test higher than 106. The past few months, I've never had a fasting blood glucose test higher than 99... I've never had a reading 1 or 2 hours ...

 What would it mean if I ALWAYS get sick from eating a candy bar?
I am serious. When I eat candy, I can really have alot, I have like one piese or something I am good, because I feel sick to my stomach. I know what you are thinking, she's prolly not eating ...

 Having trouble obtaining a reading with my One Touch Ultra glucose monitor. Anyone have any tips?

 What does it mean?
i want to know what does "200 mg" on a tablet means? does that means that the tablet has 200 mg power? or does that mean that the tab weighs 200 mg?if that so then can you break a 400 mg ...

 What foods are high in protein for diabetics?

 What can I eat when I have low iron?
I recently went to donate blood but I couldn't because my iron level was 36 and it needed to be 38. I am going back in a week and need to get it up. What kinds of foods can I eat that will help ...

 Low blood sugar questions...?
Yesterday I went for a long walk with my husband. When I returned my sugar was 174, which I thought was a big high but sometimes I run that way. When it was dinnertime, I took 14 units of insulin ...

 What kind of bread do you eat (if you eat bread)?
I had read that rye flour has much less glycemic impact than even whole wheat, so I bought some (incredibly expensive) 100% rye bread at Whole Foods to try. Unfortunately, it seems to have the same ...

 Is it safe for a diabetic to take aspirin?

ok so, i dont have diabetes but i eat ALOT of junkfood. is it possible to get diabetes if u eat ALOT of junkfood in the past but then stop and eat healthy and start working oput...or has the junkfood ...

 Blood type o ?
hi im o neg and my husband is o pos

so will my son be one of the 2 or something totally diff?
Additional Details
so he could even be like A pos or B neg?...

 My doctor told me I have diabetes ?
Then he said "I hope you die"

Should I get a new doctor?...

 Is it possible to get diabetes because you got mad?

 What do doctors prescribe or tell you to do if you have hypoglycemia?
is that the same thing as diabetes? I was doing research on diabetes in general, and i have almost all of the symptoms....

(weakness, numbness, my legs fall asleep at least 4 -7 times ...

 Are diabetes heretitary?
Are diabetes heretitary or can you still get them even if no one in you family has had them before?...

 Should i just sell my left kidny ? i really need money for my college tho.im serious. how much does it cost?
will i be healthy ? after i sold it ? i mean im not much of eater,
not healthy food no salad notihn, just junk n chocolate i guess

but ill start eating healthy but the Q is, is it ...

 What does a type 2 diabetic supposed to eat?

 I have type 2 diabetes and take oral meds, how do i lower sugar levels when they get too high?
Lately i have been having trouble regulating my sugar levels and my doc can't see me til the end of the month. I take my meds faithfully and try to follow my diet, but i still get elevated ...

 How should I eat since now I am newly diagnosed diabetic?
Was a pre-diabetic, and keep gaining weight no matter what I do....

I feel like I'm starving all the time!?
i'v had a thyroid panel, and been checked for sugar in the urine but the doc says im healthy. I swear I cannot get full and food only feeds the hunger. I eat so much its taking over my life! If i dont eat my stomach growls and i get really dizzy and my lips get chapped. I know this isnt the place for medical questions, but anybody have any experience...for some reason i still think i might be diabetic.

just fight the hunger pains sug

I agree with 'Just some guy'. Those low carb diet do make you full for much much longer, When I used to eat 'Shredded Wheat' for instance for breakfast, the hunger that followed by mid afternoon sounded like the one you described. Howerver when I've had egg bacon etc for breakfast I could virtually go till evening without any sign of hunger

you arent diabetic

you may have worms .you may be hypoglocemic, i dont know just guessing.

Check to see if you may have Cushing's syndrome.
You need a 24 hour urine free cortisol test. DO NOT ACCEPT A BLOOD TEST !

Just check the Internet for tons of info.
I wish you the best.

Sweet Dragon
You are super normal, and what you have and others don't is a blessing of nature.
Do not refrain it, just shut it down between meals, with some chocolate or some nuts. No fatty things, they will store in the liver, and make you fat later in life !!!!!
Bon appetite

I cant say whether you are diabetic or not. Try MORE WATER and MORE PROTEIN in your meal this should take care of chapped lips and hunger. it oftern helps with me.

Just some guy
I am in no way a professional, but recently my wife has been trying out the no carb diet, and the thing that struck her most was that the no carb foods she ate always made her feel full a lot quicker than normal (which is why the diet works... she doesn't feel the need to keep eating!).

Now, I don't quite understand the scientific reason for this--and I'm not saying that you should have to DIET--but maybe trying to cut down on carbohydrates will help you to actually feel full. Just a suggestion from my wife's experience!

Monita C
Your symptoms don't sound like diabetes, and they only vaguely sound like hypoglycaemia. Now that your doc has checked your Thyroid function you will probably need to look for other causes. Make a list of the kind of foods you eat and check to see if there is a food group which you are getting too little of as this could cause a deficiency of minerals or essential vitamins, some deficiencies can have symptoms that look exactly like diabetes and other serious ailments.

Keep looking for a cause if it is really a bother to you, and in the meantime, eat healthy and enjoy.

Katherine W
Are you eating sufficient amounts of fat? My experience is that if you don't eat enough fat (like about a tablespoon a day, perhaps in salad dressing and margerine on bread), that I feel hungry. If so, I really think you need to see a specialist: it does sound like something wrong.

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