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 What amout of insulin would you say is normal to take on a daily basis?
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Problem, inquiry question like assesment but i can't find the answer in the internet, need answers, links and ideas!

Thx for you coop....

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Additional Details
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 Fasting blood glucose level 111 at the lab, but less with home meter?
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maureen s
I am diabetic going on vacation, how do I keep my insulin cold?
I am going on vacation soon & I will be flying,I need to take a few vials of my insulin with me as I am diabetic. I need to keep it cool what can I use for that? I have to take it on the plane with me.

im not sure one of my diabetic doctors gave me this lunch/purse looking bag its pink dark blue & white & inside of it its sliver & it keeps my insulin cold when i go sumewhere

Room temperature for a day of travel is OK. Just don't let it get hot.

My husband was told insulin didn't have to be kept cold that it would go bad in 28 days regardless, was this wrong??

Michael C
Buy a small insulated lunch bag and a few of those small, clear freezer mates.

Debra S
I found some websites with items that you can use to keep the insulin cold.
If you are flying, let the airlines know. They can help you.

Put it in either a small cooler or put it in your backpack between two bags of ice. That should do it holmes just be real and think about it. I hope i helped you

place it in a cooler with cold packs.

The vial you are currently using will be fine. The extra vials should be kept cold.

This is what I did on my last vacation:

I took a small insulated lunch bag on the plane. My insulin was inside the bag, along with a few snacks. I used cold packs to keep the insulin cold. When I got to my destination, I put my insulin into the hotel room fridge. When I was ready to come back home, I refroze the cold packs for the trip home.

I didn't have any problems except for the security people tell me I couldn't take my water bottle through the checkpoint. Okay...fine...I drank the water while in line and put the empty bottle into the bag. Once I got through the line, I refilled it at a water fountain. They didn't say a thing about my 2 fruitcups, 1 granola bar, 1 pack of snack crackers, 2 tubes of glucose gel and 1 roll of LifeSavers.

Make sure you have proper identification and keep the vials in the boxes that have the prescription labels on them. You can take your needles and lancets on the plane, along with your meter. My advice is to get one of those insulated lunch bags that have several compartments. That way, you can keep everything in one bag and have it easy to get to.

Have a nice trip.


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