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I am 49 just found out my blood sugar is over 220 is that to high?

cheryl m
hay high is to be known as 850----but yes your high---normal is 80-126----if you eat right and exercise --take your glucaphage you will be fine---good luck

there should be a normable scale with test results

Yes, im afraid that means that you have diabetes. Sorry.
Anything over, say 130 would be considered diabetic.

220 is high and for safe health, I would have my Doctor test for "DIABETES", "BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY". Good Luck , Hope you don't have any serious health issues.

Yes this is too high if you where fasting. It should be around 120 if you are diabetic and 80 if you are not. Sounds like you might have a problem if this is a fasting blood sugar. Your doctor should have said something. Good health.

susan w
WAY too high. Normal blood sugar levels is between 80-120. See a doctor. Sounds like you are diabetic. high blood sugars can cause kidney damage, and death, if it gets too high (220 won't do it, but it needs to be treated).

Robert W
The major has ruled "Yes"
You could go into "Diabetic Shock" with that high of a sugar count.

The below website is a very informative and reliable source for info.

Best wishes.

It's very high. The normal is 65-110 mg. You must see a doctor. I think you have diabetes. You must repeat the test.

David W
My health professionals tell me that blood sugar over 200 means you're cruising for something bad to happen to you. You need to be shooting for the lower 100s. Get your doctor to prescribe something to help, and cut out the sweets and fats, drink more water and exercise. You can control this, don't be sad or scared. Good luck.

VERY HIGH!!!! a normal blood sugar should be around 95 100 max even. I hope you are seeing a doctor for this. mine has been running 140 and that is considered pre-diabetes and needs checking out. watch you blood sugar that is extremely high.

your sugar is high, check with your Dr. for follow up, and see if you have type 2 diabetes

Yes, it's way too high. Your kidneys would like a blood sugar under 160. So go see a doctor and find out what are the next steps (diet, loosing weight if needed, treatment)
Good luck

Very much so.
Ideal blood sugar level is between 70-120 (this may vary slighty based on MD ideals)
Exercise and diet Control are a must for you. Avoid foods that are high in sugars, carbohydrates and starches.

Over 125 is diabetic.

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