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 Whats the deal with hand sanitizers?
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 My Mum has swollen, painful feet and legs, she has type 2 diabetes?
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 How can you get diabetes?
I know they're still researching diabetes, but three of my friends have it and I want to know more. How can do you get diabetes? Can you give it to yourself or is it most likely genetic?

 What do yo do when a diabetic get too drunk?

 Is there any sugar in beer?
i've a high blood sugar level. can i drink beer? is there any sugar in beer?...

 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 4 1/2 years ago. Last December my doctor put me on insulin,?
2 injections a day. Since then I have gain over 50 pounds. I take this disease very serious, watch what and how much I eat. I keep my sugar well under control. I also have problems with my feet which ...

 What should I do during a low blood sugar crash?
I am trying to get blood sugar up today. Feeling very weak and shaky no matter what I do....

 What is the average blood sugar count in an average haman?
my grandma is having a blood sugar count of 600, recently diagonised. how fatal can the same be?...

 I'm diabetic and only like sweet coffee and apple juice. Any ideas for beverages?
I cannot stand sweet and low, splenda and equal. I don't like lemon, water or flavored water. Any ideas on other beverages or how to adapt to the sweetners?...

 Are diabetic people have mood swings? no offense if your diabetic?

 DOCTORS and/or SMART PEOPLE ---> I have some questions about high-blood pressure and diabetes?
-Do you HAVE to have high blood pressure to be a diabetic? (Can you be a diabetic if your blood-pressure isn't high?)

-If you go to a doctor, and they take a urine sample to check ...

 Type 1 diabetics ... can you always tell when your sugar is low by the way you feel?
... or do you sometimes get low and don't feel the effects?

My 2 year-old is type 1, and she was low today, lower than I've ever seen her. Her sugar was 47. And for the first ...

 Can a diabetic use honey as a sweetner?Is it not sugar?

 Is a reading of 4.2 Low Blood Sugar?
I have had a shakey episode yesterday and purchased a Glucose meter from Boots and I had a reading of 4.2. I took it again at 9pm after eating at 7pm and it was 4.5....

 Symptoms of diabetes? Or am I over-reacting?
I have read this book last year, it was about this girl who found out she was diabetic. Well, first she had symptoms of drinking/eating too much & going to the toilet almost straight after, ...

 I am diebetic and looking for any ideas for a healthy snak.?
Besides vegetable sticks,is there a snak that doesn't raise the blood sure up or high in colories or fat? like crackers, potato chips use to be good to snak on but what now? Like to hear your ...

 What are the symtoms of a diabetics sugar being too high.?
Mine has been 304, and 301...

 What do you give a diabetic whose blood sugar is elevated?

 Where would find a sugar free sports drink?
i'm a diabetic living in the az desert and need a sugar free sports drink to make it through the HOT summers. something like gatorade....

 I think I'm on a 1 way path heading for sure diabetes..help...?
My Mum doesn't have it, but her two sisters do.
Her Mum & Dad didn't have it, but their brothers did and 3 of them have had legs amputated as a result!!!
I'm overweight, ...

How should i bring up my low blood sugar?
my doctor has told me that my blood sugar is a little low and to eat more. what type of things should i eat?

Tim Br
Whole grain carbohydrates and vegetables.

Loris Ann
If your sugars are too low, then you need to cut back on your insulin, not eat more. Liquids will bring it up quicker that solids, a couple swings of Coke does it for me.

Calli S
well eat things with more carbs. but to get a fast reaction drink non diet items. Buyt u really should tal to ur doctors about this...
this is a very serious disease and u don't want to die.

First, if you are taking insulin the Dr. needs to make some changes in your insulin dose. If you are on pills, you might need a change. However, to bring up your blood sugar you should buy glucose tablets. Depending how low your sugar is depends on the amount of tablets you need. I take 4 and in works for me. After taking the tablets wait for 15 minutes and do a repeat blood sugar. If it is still low do a repeat of the same thing. However you should consult your Dr. Drinking 1/2 cup orange juice should bring it up about 40 points on the average. Really consider talking about this to someone.

fruit oarnges are best 100% fruit juices but you aslo need carbs to make them stay up

Cool Water
fruits, carbohydrate rich foods, glucose tablets or biscuits will increase your blood sugar. If you want to increase your sugar without increasing your weight try fruits.

Lilyth Rose
You really should check with your doctor to see what he recommends. As a diabetic, I keep packages of fruit chews with me in case of a hypoglycemic episodes. The fruit chews I get have about 23 carbohydrates per package but are only 90 calories. Fruit juices will bring blood sugars up, but you still have to check carbohydrate content. I also like the Nutrigrain cereal bars for a quick pickup.

Many Blessings,

Eat more of everything.

If you are a diabetic, eat something like fruit or juice. Something healthy with a good amount of sugar in it.

If you are hypoglycemic, you need to eat smaller meals several times a day and eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, etc... complex carbohydrates.

Bread will bring it up. Pops

Please see a dietitian and learn all about carbs and carb counting.
What you should eat all depends upon how low your sugar is.
I keep regular soda around for times when i am very low.That way I don't have to think about what to do. A low sugar can cloud your mind and decisions can be difficult.
When i am just a bit low, I choose a fruit or a complex carb with protein.

drink and eat oranges, and orange juice
it brings your sugar up

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