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 Need help with a diabetes question?
my father had a sugar attack in the middle of the night he got weak shaky and was breathing hard with a sugar of 53. He ate fast food for dinner which would normally raise it but it was the opposite. ...

 Inhaled insulin???
I read an advert in a nursing magazine about Exubera Inhaled Insulin but there was very little detail. Has anyone heard of this, know how it works, or when is it likely to be available on our '...

 If I was incorrectly diagnosed can I have it removed from my medical records?
My doctor diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes and when I did more research on it I found out that my blood sugar levels were never actually above the level considered "diabetic". Now I need ...

 Smoking and Diabetes?
Recently I was diagonised with Type 2 Diabetes. I would like to know what effect or effects does smoking have with diabetes. I already know the negative health effects about smoking so I would like ...

 Were is diabetes located the most in the world?

 What are some signs of diebetes?
what are some signs that u might have diebetes?...

 Can a diabetic take tylenol pm?

 Type 2, Hyperglycemia........?
I know what to do to raise blood sugars but is there any treatment to bring down high blood sugars very quickly. I don't take insulin so that's not an option for me at home.....

 What is non-insulin dependent diabetes?

 Glucose is low (60) what could be wrong?

Additional Details
My friend is 25 and went for a blood test for something else and they want her to come back in because her sugar was low. She is not diabetic --at least she doesn...

 What is universal blood type?.?

 Diabetes Question?
if you fast....and have a reading of 101 is that okay...are does it mean you are diabetic?
Additional Details
i didnt eat anything before the test....

 Do you replace your glucagon pen when it expires every year?
I just replaced a set that expired, but I am beginning to think that this is a big rip-off scam. It is very expsensive for something that there is a 99.999% chance of not needing. Why couldn't ...

 My sugar was 254 what can cause this?
mother and father both have high sugar, and high blood ...

 Is it against the law for someone to throw away your diabetic medication?
My exhusband assaulted me and threw away my diabetic medication? Is there a law against that in Texas?...

 Can you have high blood sugar {like 200} and not have diabetes?

 Should a Diabetic try the Weight Watchers Program?
I have Type 2 Diabetes and am thinking about trying Weight Watchers Point program. However, I know that the program bases their "points" on a variety of factors such as calories, fat, etc. ...

 What causes mouth become dry and taste bitter after night sleep?

 What can cause extreme fatigue in type 1 diabetes?
I am a type 1 juvenile diabetic and have had since 1993. I am currently 22 years old. I have had extreme fatigue problems for the past year and a half or so. I have hypothyroid and am medicated ...

 I just started taking Metformin today. What are the side effects and is it dangerous to take in any way?

How much does a bottle of insulin usually cost?
How much does it usually cost for you? And how much is a needle?

it depends on if you have insurance covereage and where you live. most insulin costs up to about $75 without insurance.

well, in ireland, you dont have to pay for any of your diabetic equipment - insulin, etc.
i hope you dont have to pay too much - its crazy!

with my insurance my lantus cost me $35 and my needles $6.19 for 30 a month

In Oz all insulin is subsidised by the government so all is $30 for five boxes.

It depends on what kind of insulin it could range from about 25 to 120 dollars the cheapest one is humalin R

humalog and humulin N usually cost about $120 each

I use lantus and Humalog. I use the pens, simply because they are more convenient.

One box of Humalog pens (without insurance) costs me about $150. One box of lantus (without insurance) costs about $170.

The needles for my pens cost about $39 for a box of 100.

It really depends on the type of insurance you have and what your copay is. It also can depend on where you live and what pharmacy you use.

I don't know for sure how much bottles cost but it's probably about the same. However, syringes are a little cheaper...costing about $20 for a box of 100.

What type of insulin?
humulin R?
Glargine (lantus)?

I cannot give a specific answer to a nonspecific question.

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