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How many units in 1 vile of insulin. Told to disguard after 28 days,?
that is a lot of insulin wasted at the cost of it I can't afford to do that I take 20 units a day

There are 1000 units in a standard vial. I think they do that so that You almost are assured that it won't go empty. (And they can charge you more).

see if your type of insulin comes in the pen form. Most pen cartridges have 300 units in them while vials have 1000 units. Thats what I did.

A U-100 vial has 10ml. There are 100 U-100 units in 1 cc. 1cc = 1ml. Hence, 10ml = 10 x 100U = 1000U, as someone else mentioned above.

As for DISCARDING your insulin after 28 days - that's nonsense.

Discard your insulin after its expiration date.

there is 100 units in 1ml....so look at the vial and see how many ml....then multiply it by 100....your answer to that will be the units in 1 vial....if you're using the insulin syringe if you fill that whole syringe that's 1 ml if it say 100 on the side where there are lines for measurements...but if you see 50 as the maximum you can fill the syringe that means that's only 50 units....there are 2 types of insulin syringes the only difference is if it's 50 or 100 units....yes usually insulin is only good up to 30 days from the day you opened and used it or if not depending on what the manufacturer of that insulin says on the label....yes it is expensive if you don't have insurance but if you do it won't be...but considering you have diabetes maybe you should start looking for good insurance,believe me it'll be worth it

Dorothy and Toto
1,000 units.

Here's a little different take on the subject of diabetes--

There are many things you can do to overcome type II diabetes, and improve life as a Type I diabetic. I've been researching alternative medicine, and the amount of help that's available to diabetics is amazing.

Natural remedies are quite effective, and include:

Bitter Melon
Gymnema Sylvestre
Nopal cactus
american Ginseng
Chromium picolinate

Cinnamon regulates glucose, and has a polyphenol compound called MHCP that mimics insulin and activates cell receptor sites. Everything on the above list has a use in fighting diabetes. If you are serious about learning how to use these herbs and not falling victim to diabetes needlessly, I suggest getting a copy of--

"One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of Diabetes", ISBN 7890766313

The author, a doctor, lost his mother to diabetes and spent the next 20 years finding a way to overcome it. My brother was dying of diabetes, and I was just starting to need insulin when we came across this definitive work which was first availale in February 2005. We both lead mostly normal lives now. It's a life saver, and the best money you'll ever spend on the subject.
You might want to check Abe Books, Alibri's, or Amazon.com for a good used copy cheap. I bought mine new, and I think it was about $35. I don't get any money from anybody for telling you this--just want to help, and the techniques in this book is what made the difference for me and mine. Best of luck.

Read the label and it will tell you how much insulin is in each bottle and yes it must be pitched 30 days after you open the bottle.

A vial is 10 Ml and each Ml is 100 U so a vial contains 1000 Units. You are using 500 units per month provided you don't waste a single unit. However, they usually aren't discarded after only 30 days. Ask your pharmacist on that or check the label for the expiration date, that is when you toss it. You should be able to use the entire vial before you need a refill.

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