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Mercedes M
How many times should you test your blood sugar a day?

None. If you fell good let your body decide how much sugar it needs. You are being set up as a dibetic so your doc can bill your insurance.

If you are full blow diabetic, then before & after every meal.

If you have your suger under controll twice a day. If it fluctuates 4 times a day.

once in the morning and before bed time ,if you are a severe diabetic it is wise to check twice a day, lucky me i no longer have to as long as i stick to my diet ,if you learn what to eat and what not you will do great , my was caused by eating the wrong food and i love food and it loves me wish you luck and have a great day

3 times

you need to check your blood sugar just 3 times in the day. 1st after breakfast, 2nd after lunch and the last after dinner

depends on how brittle (bad your are ) or what your doctor orders

Briana B
3 before each meal usually.

Jared S
Just a note, we have some very negative and or ridiculous answers in this thread.

Your doctor is the best person to ask about checking your blood sugar. I am of the opinion you need to know regularly what your blood sugar is whether you are insulin dependent or not. Just because you do not take shots does not mean you are under good control. If your blood sugar is over 200 every time you test it, you need to know that something needs to be changed in either your medication or your diet and exercise.

If you do take insulin, you need to test your blood sugar at the very least before each shot you take. If you give yourself insulin without knowing your blood sugar at that moment, you are taking some big chances.

Anyone who is diabetic and takes the illness seriously knows that your instincts are not always reliable when it comes to your fluctuating blood sugar.

I usually test mine before breakfast, before lunch, about an hour before I leave work so I know I am not going to be hypoglycemic on the way home, before dinner, and before bed. Make sure your doctor specifies how often to check your blood sugar when writing a prescription for test strips.

It depends, some older people with type 2 diabetes test their blood sugar (glucose) once/day, morning before breakfast. But for younger adults with type 1 and 2, they test their blood sugar often. Normally, the doctor(s) recommend 6 to 8 times daily. Testing your sugar level along with healthy diet and exercise are the only way you can control your diabetes effectively. Unfortunately, I have too much experience with this illness. It's not a killing decease, but very difficult to manage and diabetes can lead to other illnesses: High blood pressure, heart decease, stroke, heart attack, acid reflux, cholesterol, carpel tunel, atheritis, etc.... Don't even count the blindness, amputation, kidney fail, etc... SAD!

Morning before breakfast
2 hours after breakfast
Before lunch
2 hours after lunch
Before dinner
2 hours after dinner

Your doctor(s) should tell you about it.

London Catlover
I test once a day but vary the time of day. One day it will be just before breakfast and then two hours after. The next day it will be before and after lunch and finally on the third day before and after supper. I would check with your Dr. and see when he wants you to test. Everybody is different.

why me
Most endocrinologists advise to check when you first get up, 2 hours after every meal, and before going to bed. Then if you are on insulin and driving you should check before driving. If you get pulled over and/or in a accident while driving and are low or high you can lose your license for life. Then you should check when ever you think you are low or high. I test about 8-10 times a day.

Depending on if you're type 1 or type 2 ,If you are
type 1 you should Test according to what you were "taught" by your healthcare worker.
If you're type 2 and you want to achieve good blood sugar ranges you might want to start with
testing,Before each Meal - than 2hrs.After Meals
if you do this for awhile you will learn which foods are ok it eat and which foods Raise your blood sugar.After you learn this, you will know the Foods you can eat and the Foods to watch out for.
Than you won't have to test as often,but "Do Keep Testing" a couple times a day at different
times(before or after)a Meal or maybe at bedtime.
You chose ,this way you will learn about "Your" blood sugars and their ranges. Everybody's blood sugar ranges are different. This is why it's so important to learn about your own.

It depends.

Some diabetics may check as few as 2 times a day. Others may check 8 times or more a day.

Pump users tend to check more often. I'm a pump user myself and I check a minimum of 6 times a day. Prior to going on my pump, I had always checked my sugar at least 4 times a day.

Ask your doctor what he recommends. Also, know that whenever you are sick, you will need to check your sugar as often as every 2 hours since any type of infection can lead to a significant rise in blood sugar. In addition, whenever you have highs or lows, you will need to recheck your sugar to be sure that you are back within normal limits and staying that way.

Type 1, insulin pump

depends on your insulin regime. (if your insulin dependent that is) if not....

... as a general rule you should check your bsl around 5 times a day!
- before breakfast
- morning tea
- lunchtime
- afternoon tea
- dinner
- before bed
- overnight

now you don't have to check for all of these times... just pick the 5 most convenient to you! change it around a little too and pick a different 5 one day to the next!

I test mine before each meal, and once before bed to make sure I don't go over 110. If it's high, or I'm going to eat something with a lot of carbs, I take some insulin first. Letting your blood sugar get too high (ask your doctor what is the best level for you) causes problems with your eyes, and can contribute to peripheral neuropathy, which is nerve damage in the hands and feet.

Barkley Hound
That would depend on if you have type 1 or 2 diabetes and are taking insulin or not.

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