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 Does diabetic neurapthy affect the mind to where the person is become mentally retarded?

 If one's blood sugar is in the diabetic range only once, are they considered to have a "history of diabetes?"

 What are some funny mottos/slogans for tshirts for a diabetes walk?
My family and I are taking part in a diabetes walk in October and I am designed Tshirts for our group. Does anyone have any suggestions for some silly/funny mottos to put on the front of the T's?...

 What may happen gradually ,if a diabetic eats a ton of sugary items?
What will or could happen to a diabetic...will their stomach get sick a lot? or does the lack of high sugar control over time(months or years) take over and cause them to start losing either body ...

 Can diabetes cause hair loss?
Especially in a young person, who is type 1 recently diagnosed?...

 Is there a type 3 diabetes?
i have type 1, and i know what type 2 is. but my friend said there is a type 3 and im not sure if thats real. if it is, what does it do?...

 Can a diabetic an saw this question please?
i have been dignosed type two diabetic and need to have more bloods done tomorow one blood result showes i have sugar and the other reads 7.2 my doctor says this could be diet controlled
but ...

 Anyone on metformin having worse neuropathy symptoms??
my neuropathy has gotten very much worse since starting metformin all over my body and i am wondering if anyone else has had this or if it is just a coincidence? or maybe if metformin is even known ...

 Does anybody if we can share glucometers (diabetes blood sugar testing)?
I was wondering if I could share the glucometer (not the needles or anything, just the you know.. measuring device) with my mum who is also diabetic? If not, any reason why not?
Additional D...

 What do shots feel like?
in a week i have to get a check up for 7th grade...i have to get at least 2 shots... i think they are on my arm...give me an example of what they feel like??? do they hurt??...

 Does this bother you?
Does it bother you that millions of people feel sorry for Nick Jonas because he got diabetes and has his magic pump the minute he was diagnosed, that people conformed to him and think he had so many ...

 Help with type 1 diabetes? Urgent!
I am a type one diabetic, and have been for several years. However, as a minor, I usually have my father put in the insulin pump sites. He is out of the country currently, and my numbers spiked. I ...

 What could lead to diabetes?
I have somewhat high blood sugar/possibly pre-diabetes and I'm just wondering if theres anything should avoid doing/eating that would lead to diabetes? are there certain specific foods i should ...

 Does it hurt to get your blood drawn?

 What happens when you drink liquor and are Diabetic? Best answer 10 points.?
I want to know what happens to your mind and body if you binge drink and are diabetic? Anyone know any links that show affects?...

 Ok, I'm a diabetic and I take 20 units of insulin everyday. I usually use the 1/2 cc needles.?
but now I'm using the 1cc needles. Does that mean I can just fill the needle up to 20?...

 Could I be diabetic?
I'm only 16, but I think I may have diabetes. It's genetic in my family. My dad and sister have it, my grandpa ha it, my aunt has it etc. I personally have never been tested for the ...

 Whats the difference between novalog and humalog insulin?

 Whats next with diabetes my blood sugar is staying between 311-385?
I got an appointment with my family doctor on friday. I haven't yet been told by him that i got it .What should I expect . what Happens now?
Additional Details
I've been ...

 Diabetes and Sugar?
Is it possible to get diabetes by eating a lot of sugar at once?...

How many grams of sugar in a product is too many for a diabetic?

my dad is one so try sugar free but if u cant try 1-3 grams

Laura H
Youhave to count the TOTAL Carbohydrates in a serving. The total carbohydrate already has the sugar grams added into the serving. We, as diabetics know that one carb serving ha 15 gms or under. You should be eating anywhere from 45-60 gms of carbs per meal. you can access the American Diabetes Website and there are other websites that are available to help you with this. Get with your healthcare team and discuss this with them. Any carbs that are over 15 grams per serving, you need to be careful and learn to add it up for each serving you eat. Too many carbs can lead to dangerously high levels of sugar in your blodo stream.

However many it takes to put one's blood sugar over the top. That varies from person to person, and with the person's level of activity - so it's not possible to put an exact figure on it.

It depends on what the product is, but you should shy away from things that have over twenty five grams of sugar per serving. Thirty's too high and forty's getting to the orange zone.

Most of the time it is the carbohydrate count--not necessarily the sugar grams...
And it depends on how the diabetes is controlled--either Type 1 or 2, diet and exercise or pills or shots of insulin.

Whatever the nutritionist decides is best. Too much is relative. Diabetics can technically eat whatever they want, just so long as the take enough insulin to cover it. Of course, they, like everyone else, should eat healthy for health's sake.

his temptress
You have to remember that CARBS need to be closely monitored in diabetics. It isn't just grams of sugars.

the amount of carbs is what raises the blood sugar...not the amount of sugar

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