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 Pre-diabetic problem views please?
hi all,

I am 18 years old, fit and healthy. I am waiting to get into a doctors at the mo but I a averaging around 6.9mmol which is slightly high. Problem because I am already fit and ...

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 A question for diabetics here.?
Is anyone here taking Metformin, a brand name for Glucophage, and how has it helped your diabetes. Any side effects? I am just starting this med and I would like your feedback. Thanks.

 Sugar cravings?
I seam to have stupid sugar cravings.I take 3 sugar in my tea, even 4 in my coffee.
If I don't get sugar every so many hours, I beacome rather annoing.Is it a for of addiction I have to ...

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?? im showing signs of diabetes in the making, can i reverse this at all? what should i do?...

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 Another am i diabetic question..sorry?
Ok i know there is a ton of questions like this but im just not sure. I have been way more thirsty than i usually am my mouth always feels dry. I usually dont pee much but lately i have been but im ...

 Always thirsty.?
well not always but most of the time i am extremely thirsty. ive been checked by the doctor and i do not have any problems with my blood sugar, my blood pressure is normal, and i do not have diabetes....

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i have wrot befor about this ts geting wors as its now blood clots its scar!!!!!!!!...

 How diabetes can be treated by diet?

 Do i have diabetes ?
my doctor said i might have type B, i pee 20+ times a day, i maintain my weight of 130 lbs and is almost impossible to gain any more, my fasting blood sugar was 87 and after meal with 2 hours was 89, ...

 Heyyyy! Ok my friend is over and we want to get hyper whar can we do besides eating sugar and candy etc.?
yeahh help : )
Additional Details
we dont have money to but stuff and we dont have a ride either....

 Memory loss?
When my sugar goes up high I tend to suffer some type of memory loss. Just got diagnosed last year. Does this happen to any one else?...

 Aspertame and diabetes?
boyfriend has type 1 diabetes, he's 20 was diagnosed at 3 1/2. He drinks about 1 litre (aprox) a day of diet sodas and I am worried about the effects of the aspertame. Most studies I found had ...

 Diabetes symptoms?
Over the past few weeks I have been feeling unwell. Very tired,sore legs,dry mouth at night, and feel thirsty all the time. As my father was diabetic I am wondering could I also get it. I am 44, not ...

 What food should I avoid as a diabetic, in order to keep my blood sugars down?
I am a diabetic trying to control my bolld sugar levels with food and diet....

 Are honey and dates harmful for diabetes?

 What should I do if my diabetic boyfriend were to pass out?
Okay, so I've been seeing this guy for about a month now and we are fianlly actually BFGF. He is diabetic and I just want to know what I can do to help him if he gets in trouble or needs help. ...

 Can two full sisters have the same blood groups?

The Balance
How low can blood sugar get before you pass out?
I'm diabetic and have been down to the upper 30's and did not pass out. How low is the pass out range?

depends on your tolerance,
to low sugar,
usally its probaly below

if you are low often, you build up a sort of tolerance and unawareness of low blood sugar. My son got to 29 once, he was delusional and somewhat combative but did not pass out. The scary thing was that he got so low before I noticed anything was wrong and he did not feel that he was going low before that. Happily I could get his glucose level up with a beverage and did not need to use the glucogon pen.

Cynthia F
well , it really depends on the person cause my aunt passed out with her blood sugar that low but, the lowest before you pass out is between 18 and 20.

No fixed lower limit, it differs from persons to another .

true stuff
I'd be pretty worried if it gets below 2 mmols. (Sorry in Australia we measure in mmols). We classify a hypo as being below 3.5 mmols, but everybody's body is different. Some crash out in the 2's. Others like me seem to go very very low sometimes in the 1's and still not pass out.

the lowest that I have been was 28.. I did not pass out. Sometimes i don't even realize when I am that low. Just the other day i was taking a nap and when ii woke up my blood sugar was 35.

each person has a different tolerance to low sugar, there is no identified "pass out range". But, low sugars, whether you pass out or not, are dangerous.

It is different for different people. Some would not be able to handle 30 where others would pass out at 50 etc. I have had my doctor go crazy on me for going as low as 60. I had no idea I was that low. I ate two meals and snacked and felt fine. I have treated patients who were delusional, seeing demons etc. who's level was 30 and until I got it back up to 70 did not realize I was not there to kill them.

It all depends on the person. I have been down to 28 while I was at work. I just felt a little woozy, like I usually do when I have low blood sugar. I was shocked when I found out how low it was. Normally I start to feel like I have low blood sugar when my readings are around 70, so when I saw the meter reading of 28, it blew my mind. I was a little confused, but was still alert and functioning. I have heard of people passing out when they got around 40. So, everyone is different. It is the same way with the higher blood sugar readings. This is why there is a range instead of just one number. We are all different.

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