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 If someone has diabetes, why do they avoid sugar?
This is a honest question, and I do not mean any disrespect to anyone. I am just trying to get my mind around this condidtion.
(type 2 - non insulin dependant)
So, if their body cannot ...

 I'm burned out with monitoring blood sugar and talking to DR. what should I do?
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 I have diabetes, will my kids have it?
I have diabetes but my better have does not. I am worried that when I do have children that they will have it. What is the chances that I will pass it on to them??
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If ...

 Can sugar give u diabeates??
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 Can being diabetic make you tired?

 How much support and advice do diabetics get?
i am doing GCSE coursework and i need this question answered!!
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i am doing GCSE courework and i need this question answered. all answers will be apprechiated....

 What is the best way of finding out as to how well ur kidney is functiioning?
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 How often should I check my blood glucose?
Recently diagnosed type2 taking 500mg metformin twice a day. my doctor says I dont need to test more that once a week but I am not sure if this is enough....

 Is Metformin safe to take for type 2.?
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 Diabetes is this bad ?
just tested positive for diabetes,what does this mean ?for me?
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Thanks for all the info , looks like I need to take this seriously.I don't know about giving up the ...

How long after a meal should I wait before taking my blood sugar level?
I am diabetic and am trying to monitor how different foods effect my levels throughout the day.

The best is around 10 hours after breakfast or taking any meals.
Least is 8 hours and it depend on what you eat.

2 hours after meals. That's the time you will have a reference value that will enable you or your doctor to interpret the results.

Alan S
Well, you got a real range of answers, didn't you. Confused?

It depends why you are testing. The party line from the medicos is two hours - but they need to see your numbers when they've settled. If you intend using those test results to do something constructive with your diet or exercise you need to see the worst numbers - the peaks. They will help you then modify your diet for better numbers.

The first source url is a description of a systematic testing technique to improve your BGs.

The second one is a longer discussion I wrote on when to test, one hour or two hours.

2 Hours

up 2 two hours

You can take a blood test any time you want.

Urrka N Da CLuB
I have type 1 diabetes and I was told by my doctor to check 1 hour after eating. I am also on the insulin pump and it is set to remind me 1 hour after eating to check.

Check your sugar before each meal so that you can have an accurate comparison. I would wait at least half hour to an hour to check my sugar if I was trying to see how high it went when eating certain foods. You have to give the food time to kick in.

A test 2 hours after a meal or food intake can help show how your body is metabolizing the glucose from that food, and how effective your medication dose is.

about 2 hrs after the start of the meal and my dr says it should be under 140...

Lisa A
You should be monitoring your blood sugars with a glucometer at least 7 times a day if you are giving insulin. Checks should be done before meals and 2 hours after and before bedtime and any other time you feel you need to such as during a low blood sugar. Keep in mind that if you are insulin dependant and use a sliding scale you may need to check more frequently to check how the insulin you administred is keeping your glucose in control. If you are a type 2 and taking oral hypoglycemics you should still be checking your blood sugar at least a few times through the day especially after meals to see how if your medication is working to stimulate your islet cells to make insulin.
Checking your glucose and writing it down will help your physician to know what to order for you in the way of medications and blood tests. Your glucose should be 140 or less 2 hours after eatting and 120 or less in the morning when you get up. Any prolonged blood sugar above 140 will cause problems with the vessels leading to your heart and kidneys. Causing coronary artery disease and kidney failure. Doing your very best at this will help ensure health. Good luck, I hope I have helped you

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