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 I have diabetes help!!?
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 Do i have diabetes?
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 Are there any foods that lowers blood sugar, and if so, what is it?

 What do you eat for your in-between meal snacks?
I am getting tired of the same old things every day....

 My mother is suffering from diabities and as directed by the doctor she is taking medicin?
her latest blood sugar level is before food is 132 and after food is 289 so what to do please ...

 Talk to doctor about blood sugar?
i'm 18 y/o female. i believe that i'm either hypoglycemic, diabetic, or insulin resistant. lol i don't even know for sure but i know based on symptoms that my blood sugar is ...

 I have type II diabetes and on two medications for control. What are the safe sugar substitutes healthwise?
If Splenda is a sugar product, why is it "suitable for diabetics?". It seems that most packaged foods like breads, soups etc. have sugar in one or the other forms. Some are easy for me to ...

How do you tell if your blood sugar has dropped?
I was just diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Now, everything i read (and my dr) is telling me to have candy and juice, etc on hand in case my blood sugar drops.

How the heck do you know if your blood sugar dropped???
Additional Details
i know what happens, and all, when i pass out and such, i just dont know how much of that is the low blood sugar, or if its when the blood sugar spikes up or anything

Lisa D
When my blood sugar drops I feel nauseated and too hot. My head starts to ache a little and I get very sleepy. The symptoms can vary though. You should check an on-line source for the various symptoms. I suggest you go to www.diabetes.org for information. It will give symptoms of high or low sugar. Incidentally, many of the symptoms are the same. Take care of yourself and do keep sources for sugar readily accessible. You just never know when you might experience a drop. Follow your doctors advice too.

Niko Mondavi
Symptoms of hypoglycemia include: hunger; nervousness and shakiness; perspiration; dizziness or light-headedness; sleepiness; confusion; difficulty speaking; or feeling anxious or weak. I always recommend that diabetics carry glucose tablets on them if they are experiencing any of these symptoms.

As a diabetic I experience highs and lows on various occasions. When I go low, which is hypoglycemia, I always feel like I am disoriented. I often feel like I am running around in my head and I can't really communicate with people. I also feel weak and out of breath and I tremble. I also feel really hot and sweat. These things happen quickly so when I start the weakness I always check my gluclose to see what is going on.

When my blood glucose level is high, I feel extrememly thirsty. I can't get enough to drink. I also feel aches and pains throughout my body. I get a headache when it goes high as well. High blood sugars and the feelings seem to take a more progressive amount of time to develop

To me, the feelings are quite differnent. I hope this helps!

My sister, who has type 1 diabetes, says she knows when her blood sugar drops because she begins to feel groggy, tired, and light-headed, even some nausea sometimes. She always carries some kind of sugar-booster with her, just in case. Also, if your not sure your blood sugar has dropped, get a tester. That way, you can test your blood sugar any time you want to, in case you can't tell if you're low or not.

I think you would know already if you were diagnosed. Before I was diagnosed, I would randomly (or so it seemed) get dizzy and if I hadn't eaten in awhile, it would be hard to think staight and I would be VERY irritable.

Candy is good for emergencies, but what you really need to do is eat properly with lots of protein and fiber and less carbs and sugar in order to keep your blood sugar stable in the first place. I try to always keep a granola bar or trail mix or any kind of snack in my purse in case it happens.

Good luck!

I know my blood sugar is dropping by the following: I start to feel tired or lethargic. I start yawning. I start daydreaming unhappy things. It usually means my blood sugar has dropped nearly 50 points in an hour.

I double check this by use of a blood sugar monitor. My insurance (thankfully) pays for the supplies.

The website www.hufa.org has some info on what to do. What I read indicates that if you do in between meal snacks with about an ounce of protein, an ounce of carbohydrate, and a bit of monounsaturated fat (like in almonds), your blood sugar should remain level, and you should not need the sudden sugar boost of candy or juice.

Hypoglycemia caused me to gain (too much) weight. I am still trying to lose it.

Feel free to e-mail me through my profile. I would be glad to help.

A drop in your blood sugar generally has symptoms such as dizziness, perspiring, a strange unusual sensation in your stomach area, confusion, and irritability (snappy). Your vision may get fuzzy and if severe, you could pass out. A sugar food will bring the blood sugar up but it is most important that you get a good balanced meal in you within about 30 minutes of taking a sugar substance, or else your blood sugar will lower even more. The sugar substance is an emergency effort to hold you over until you can get to some real food. A good idea is to have small meals throughout the day with little snacks in between. That doesn't mean junk food. That is a killer. Good luck.

Mybe you should check out a blood glucose moitor. that way if you feel bad you can check and make sure your sugar is low. If not eating the candy and juices may cause your sugar to spike then drop lower than normal. If you sugar is low than you can try a little juice or a piece of hard candy. Peanut better cracker also works well.

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