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can i get diabetes from eating alot of sugar? im 15
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Oh yea and I also dont excersise very much :P the only time i ...

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Thanks for your answers...
i'm not trying to get diagnosed.
i was just looking for people that have ...

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I am a pure vegetarian.My dietician suggested me to take soybean in the form of ...

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Hi,quick question,my grandfather had (using the term had because he passed away) type 2 diabetes,I also just found out that my aunt has type 2 diabetes too.Maybe more people in my family have ...

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From my understanding hypoglycemia is common in the evening for diabetics and long acting basil insulin side effect is hypoglycemia. So why would labeling recommend it be dosed in the evening?...

 Life span for diabetes people?
I have diabetes ,i am 30 years old .I take insulin shots .Doctor told me that the cells of my pancrease dont produce insulin anymore .
I would like to know the life span for diabetes people like ...

 Are these symptoms of hypoglycemia?
Okay if I don't eat for 3 hours I get REALLY tired like I just took a sleeping pill even after having a vente starbucks drink. And I feel nervous and anxious, shaky, difficulty focusing, ...

 What to order at a restaurant if your a diabetic?
My grandmother is a severe diabetic. However, her one joy is to eat out at restaurants. What and where can I take her that she will enjoy and not put her blood sugar through the roof!...

 What is a low blood sugar level?
I am getting sick any my blood sugar levels are under 100 all the time. two hours after a meal the range can be between 70 to a little over 90. i tried to talk to my doctor about it, but she didn'...

 Does artificial sweetner affect diabetics blood readings(can it make it a high reading)?

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 Can you tell me how common or practical it is to die from a diabetic seizure?
...and different stages of one....

 Can I Get Rid Of My Type 2?
In early january I went for my physical and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetis. I was the youngest patient that my doctor ever had to diagnose this condition. I weight in at 400 and my blood sugar ...

How do you bring down high blood sugar levels fast?
I checked it afore breakfast and it was 246. Two hours after I ate it was 326. I am thristy all the time and have to go to the bathroom all the time.

I would like to know if there is something I can do to bring the levels down fast so I dont have to go to the hospital.

I remembered that my sister had once told me that she had been drinking alot and going to the bathroom and that when she complained to the DR he told her that her level was over 600.

I admit I had not been taking my pills or testing my blood in months. (I know bad/stuborn girl) So I checked it last night & it was 333. So I took pills this morning. I dont know how long that takes to work to bring it down.

At what point do I go to the hospital. I would rather do something that would bring it down fast with out having to do that because of insurance problems.

There was an article in the NY Times about doctors being wrong about lowering you blood sugar. Read it:
Diabetes Study Partially Halted After Deaths by By GINA KOLATA
Published: February 7, 2008

♥ ♥ ♥
limit sugar & carbs (which turn into sugar in your mouth)
ex: fruits, candy, crackers, bread, pasta...etc

Beatrice A
I wish I knew. I am Canadian so my blood sugar measurement is different. My blood sugar today was 26. I have had a headache for the past 5 days. It feels like my head is on fire on the left side. I have very good blood pressure. My sister in law tells me to drink as much water as I can stand and then have more. Of course ,,,,,,,,,do the proper diet. If your sugar is very high do not exercise strenuously until it lowers to a safe level. .

You are thirsty because of the high blood levels. If you keep this up , you can go into renal failure, and that means dialysis.

So looks like a wake up call for me and for you........we cannot keep this up forever. It is hard to bring a diabetic out of a coma and then damage can result. I often wonder why I just cannot seem to get a handle on my diabetes. I am on all the medications I can take , then the next step is insulin. I have to work alone so am afraid of insulin, I cannot afford the insulin pump. I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY. !!

Baby Boy Due 1/20/09!
Please start taking care of yourself. I work in the medical field and daily I see people who have diabetes and do not take care of themselves. These people end up with kindey damage/failure.... eye problems.... heart disease, etc. Just check your sugar like your doctor told you, and take your medicine as prescibed. People die because of blood sugar problems left ignored/untreated.

I think you need to see your doctor to get this taken care of. If your blood sugar is high and you try to lower it yourself you can make it too low and that is dangerous and even fatal.

jason g
excersise bring your blood sugar down... gosh you really are playing with fire. you could go into a coma if you dont watch yourself

exercise is real good for bringing down sugars. Also a good diet makes a real big difference, little meals not big ones say 6 times a day. More fiber is good. Also there are herbs that really help. Use Stevia instead of sugar and that also helps. It is important for good sugar control for long term health..good luck

dragon lady
Your pills are not magic and won't rapidly lower your blood sugar levels by themselves. They help, but you need to be taking them regularly with monitoring your diet for them to work most efficiently.

I wouldn't say that you have to go to the hospital yet, but how long have you been getting dehydrated and frequently urinating? Those can be signs of DKA. It's rare in Type 2 diabetics, but when I was initially diagnosed, that's what I presented with, and my blood sugars were over 500 at that time. They'd been really high for a long time.

If you have a nurse/help call-in line, call and see what they suggest. But you have to make sure that you get to your doctor's office ASAP. And start testing your blood in the morning, before you eat, 2 hours after you eat, and before you go to bed at night. Keep track of your numbers and the times of when you tested, and what you ate.

You admit you haven't been taking your pills or checking regularly!! Really bad girl!! Yeah!! this will help with the weight loss plan, but at a severe cost to your health!!! You really do want to have to loose a foot or hand or your eyesight? I value mine extremely much!!

Most of the antidiabetic pills are systemic. Meaning they take about 3 months to get into the system and start working to the best advantage. Missing a few, like a week, won't make too much difference, but missing like a month will toss you back to the beginning.

Ok, get back to the low carbing food plan!!! Take the pills regularly as the doctor said to do!
give up the cokes, potatoes, carrots, peas, dried beans, corn, cereals, breads, rices, etc for about a month and you should see your glucose levels come back toward normal.

Know what will happen if you do this stupidity again?? They will put you on insulin injections!!! and they will take no excuses from you that you will do better if you don't have to.

Yeah!!! I got mad at the doctor and couldn't get in to see another when I needed to, so ran out of the Rx's and went without for a while! Now I am condemned to have injections as well as the Metformin for the rest of my life!!! But I want to see my great grandchildren graduate!!! so I am going to be very good to myself for the next 20 or so years!!!

So make an appointment for when you should go see the doctor, do the blood work, take your pills as prescribed, walk, bike, whatever, and eat very low carb for a while!!!

Diabetes is a progressive disease and progresses as it will. Each of us being a very unique individual has very unique individual ways of responding to the meds, food plan, and exercise. For each of us there is no "carved in stone" way to control this disease. It is experiment, journal, and try hard every day to keep it in control.

You don't need to go to hospital until you pass out if you follow my suggestions and work hard at getting the glucose back under control. So go call the doctor and set up appointment and keep it!!

This is your grandma talking!!!

Exercise should help to bring it down fairly quick.

Emyline Yvonne
Have a regular blood glucose monitoring and adjust your medications doses, but make sure you consult a pro.

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