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Anthony W
How do u get ur blood sugar levels to go down?
i only check my sugar every once in a while and it was 272 when i checked it. i also have a infection from a tooth i got pulled . what should i do
Additional Details
not taking any meds,,,,ran out of antibiotics yesterday

Bob T
Don't drink regular soda. Don't eat candy or doughnuts.

Ara M
I had high blood sugar, but then I tried the watercure and it fixed the problem real fast. try it. check out these sites www.watercure.com and www.watercure2.org.

Anthony W !
You have an uncontrolled diabetes. better consult your doctor. Sometimes antibiotics also raise the blood sugar. Still you can first check for the following diabetic symptoms.
Frequent urination
Excessive thirst
Extreme hunger
Unusual weight loss
Increased fatigue
Blurry vision
If you have one or more of these diabetes symptoms, see your doctor right away.

Are you taking antibiotics? Some medications can increase blood sugar.

You need to keep your blood sugars down and check it at least twice to three times a day. High blood sugars affect your blood vessels and your organs and lead to debilitating diseases in the future. Go online and learn as much as you can about nutrition and eating healthy for diabetics. This is your body and the only one you have so treat it with respect........

The antibiotics and infection could have an effect on your blood sugar. 272 is pretty high. I would call your doctor and ask him if the antibiotics can affect your blood sugar level. If not, you need to talk about getting on meds to control your blood sugar. Elevated blood sugar can cause problems

uncontrolled diabetes (if you're only checking once in a while, you're most likely uncontrolled) will encourage infections, which in turn raise blood sugar. You need to see your doctor, as a diabetic with an infection from a pulled tooth you are at risk of the infection spreading into your jaw and loosing the rest of your teeth, part of your jawbone, or both.

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