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 Question about diabetes?
i got ahold of my doc and he says that the symptoms iwas explaining to him sound like diabetes and i go in tommorow for the test to be for sure and i am kind of worried but don't know much about ...

 Is it true that eating potatoe peels can give you an appendix?
My mom heard it from someone. I know it's kind of weird, but is it true? I've never heard of potatoe peels giving you an appendix, but I'm not sure. Please someone answer this question!...

 Is sugar and corn syrup bad for you?

 How can I encourage myself to test my blood for sugar more frequently?
I don't take any medicine for diabetes yet but I am the only family member who doesn't. I'm trying to get my weight down and it's working with exercise and that helps, I'm ...

 What is more sweater Home or House?

 What type of foods should I avoid if I've just been diagnosed with pre-diabetes?
Any suggestions to help me fight this would be appreciated!...

 What does this blood sugar level mean... ?
I have recently been diagosed with PCOS... that includes insulin resistance and I have high triglycerides.
Anyway, I have been feeling faint and had some dizzy spells, even not making much sense ...

 I often get real tired and feel like i want to passout i believe that i am pre diabetic i work hard?
i am not over weight and am constantly on the go my doctor tells me that i am a pre diabetic my blood count goes from around 68 at the lowest to the mid hundreds i think i am eating right , but ...

 Is popcorn a good snack if you have diabetes?????

 My friend is diabetic, but i notice he eat anything like junkies and things that are sugar..is ok?

 Please help me understand?
Why is it that when you drink a lot of water (which I do, I am almostt always thursty) they say it is a sign of diabetes. What is it about drinking a lot of water that the doctors say that?


 What can I take to improve my blood circulation in my legs and private part?

 Is there anyone out there with diabetes who is scared of hypo's ? am i the only one ? panic attacks ? :-(?

 After 30 years of drinking alcohol,need to stop how do i fill my time?
how do i fill the time?after 30 years of alcohol.advice please?...

 MEDICATION QUESTION....................

 Ive bee n diagnosed type 2 diabetic 2 months ago since then i have two and half stone is this normal?

Additional Details
it should say lost two and half ...

 Can a person with hypoglycemia get diabetes?

 Are you diabetic? What foods or combination foods raise your blood sugar levels???
I need to know this because iv been tested for diabetes and they say i don't have it but i know there are some people who have the undiagnosable form..... All of my life whenever i eat milk ...

 Does this sound like too much medicine & insulin?
I had a doctor's visit today. He has added another medicine to my routine:
Novolog (short acting insulin)
Lantus (Long acting insulin)
Byetta injection
Glucophage 2000mg

 This might be silly, but.....?
I haven't been feeling real well the last couple of weeks so I thought I would check my blood sugar. I had dinner around 7:00pm and I've been checking my blood sugar throughout the night ...

How do people who are amputated from above the waist use the bathroom?
I mean how do they go, when there is no obvious place for it to come from?
Additional Details
OH! I am very sure I know that they are amputated above the waist! There is a guy who works on the Jerry Springer show who is one of these people, and there is also another woman who I have seen on Discovery Channel in the same condition... It has never been mentioned how these people are able to "use the restroom" The woman on the Discovery Channel also had a baby! How is this possible? I know damn well the guy that works on Jerry Spinger does not have plumbing downstairs, so how do you explain this?

These people are retarted, I know what you are talking about! I don't know how they use the bathroom but I do atleast know what your talking about. :)

p.s. I have wondered that too

Nate B
........ from above the waist
it could only be an arm or a finger

so it wouldnt make a difference

People who are amputated above the waste have no need to use the bathroom because they are dead.

I know someone who has a bag hooked up because he had to have part of his colon removed due to cancer. A person with no digestive system at all could not live. But, people have lost parts of their body, but still have some of it --that was the case with the guy I know--he had a colostomy bag. He has to empty it every day. It is unpleasant, but beats dying!

The woman with half a body - Sacral Agenesis

There are four levels (or "types") of malformation. The least severe indicates partial formation (unilateral) of the sacrum. The second level indicates a billateral (uniform) deformation. And the most severe types involve a total absence of the sacrum.

Depending on the type of sacral agenesis - bowel or urinary bladder deficiencies may be present. A permanent colostomy may be necessary in the case of imperforate anus. Incontinence may also require some type of continence control system (e.g. self-catheterization) be utilized. Occasionally if deformities of the knees, legs or feet would prove unresponsive to corrective action - amputation at the knee may be proposed.

I have never seen someone who was amputated ABOVE the waist. I don't think a person could live through that.

I have seen people who were amputated at the hips and they usually have urinal catheters and/or colostomy bags ( for Bowels)for any parts that may be missing. However I have never seen anyone alive who is amputated above the waist.

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